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Once you start a business, your goal is likely for you and your business to make it big. Even if it is not as big as, let’s say, Microsoft, you still want it to be known, successful, and profitable. Not every business will be successful, but you can definitely take a few steps in the right direction to make it successful. By now, you probably know and understand how effective content marketing and content writing services are for a business.

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About 72% of marketers believe that content marketing offers a better return on investment (ROI) than magazine advertising. 69% believe that content marketing is more effective than direct mail and PR.

Your next question might be: what businesses have used this marketing technique to succeed? Not everyone will just take someone’s word that something has happened, that content marketing really is as effective as people say. That’s why I have a few examples for you.

1. Casper

A 5-year old mattress and pillow company making a killing

This is a relatively new and innovative mattress and pillow company. It is only 5 years old, but it has generated a lot of success through its innovative online approach, like using influencer marketing. Kylie Jenner has posted pictures of herself using Casper mattresses to her Instagram page. The company generated $400 million in revenue in 2018!

But how did Casper make mattresses so exciting? These used content marketing – both content writing services and video marketing – to make an impact. They have unboxing videos on their YouTube channel, and they even have some interesting blogs, like how to bore yourself to sleep and how dogs choose where to sleep.

2. Lana Del Ray

A successful music artist with a strong fan base

Often, celebrities will use content marketing to grow their fan base, but not everyone is successful. Lana Del Ray is one of those that were successful at doing so, and she did it by not having an overly complex strategy.

She used Tumblr to create her blog and posted about her upcoming album “West Coast,” which has pictures of herself and other celebrities. Within a year, that post received more than 27,000 likes and shares within the blogging platform. As a celebrity and with a strong fan base, it definitely helped her blog become successful, and it also helped her build her brand.

3. Birchbox

A personalized subscription box for men and women

This is a company that has focused on content marketing and more specifically, their content writing services, from the beginning of their business. They keep their content aesthetically pleasing since aesthetics is what the company is all about. They do this by hosting their blog on a site other than their own. An interesting, yet effective, approach for Birchbox, as they use the blogging platform, Tumblr.

While Birchbox may use attention-grabbing headlines, they put most of their focus on their images since that is what fits with their product line. It captures the aesthetic focus for their customers, and it is ideal for Tumblr.

4. GoPro

More than just a camera company

As a manufacturer of action cameras that are commonly used in adventures and sports, GoPro made it clear that they are not just a camera company anymore, but they are also an enjoyment platform since people all over the world can watch their content. Remember, content marketing isn’t only written.

GoPro leverages user-generated content (UGC) by relying on well-edited video compilations of GoPro users doing whatever they are interested in with their cameras. Take the video below as an example.


Their content often goes viral because many people enjoy watching due to the fact that they use the videos as inspiration for their own adventures or they live vicariously through them.

5. American Express

The card for everyday spending

Like Birchbox, American Express has been committed to content marketing from the beginning. The only difference is that American Express has been around for way longer and their content marketing began in 1915 with engaging travel guides, which helped grow the company.

In 2007, American Express went digital and utilized content writing services to launch the OPEN Forum. This is a place for consumers to solve their business challenges, and it also helps connect them with the brand messages of American Express.

Examples that Inspire Your Success

Get inspired and fuel your own content marketing efforts

While some of the businesses and brands that I mentioned here are new, others have been around for more than a century.

The common thing for them all is that they recognized the value in not only content marketing but also content writing services and other platforms to engage their audiences as well as to generate new leads.

Use these examples to inspire your own businesses’ success.