Just for today and today only, you can call me Santa. So, take out the milk and cookies, and let’s see how I can help you improve your content marketing strategy in 2019. Dear SEO website content writers, open your eyes and ears, this will only take a minute. Okay, maybe two.

Step 1: Start With Video

Capture eyeballs with interactive video formats

It is safe to say 2018 was the year with a record number of “use more videos” kinds of advice given all around the Internet, even in my local grocery store.

It pains me to admit it but as mainstream as it has become, video truly is the only way to capture some audiences’ attention. In an increasingly digitally-savvy society, everyone is so busy, the last thing they want is for someone to waste their time. And videos can convey impactful messages which sometimes even the most compelling 1000-word articles cannot.

You have tutorials, live streaming, video reviews, so many ways to incorporate video into your content strategy. The best thing about video is that it helps you come across as more personal, it humanizes your brand, and it saves your users precious time which makes them more likely to convert. This, of course, will put your team of website content writers to the test, but if they are good, they will manage.

My advice? Get even more interactive and take advantage of the recent advent of 360-degree video content. Let your viewers control their perspective and immerse them in the world of your brand and/or product!

Having more videos also means there is a greater chance for people to share them. Research shows that 70% of users share brand videos. That could be your brand too, you know.

Step 2: Spread Your Content Wings and Branch Out

Passive content is not enough

No matter how amazing of a website you have, how many stunning infographics, educational and inspirational blog posts you have on there, and eye-catching calls to action greet your website visitors, they are not enough. Of course, you need content writers for your website, but it doesn’t end there.

Like I often say, you need to build on and move on. Frankly, this is the first time I say it, but still. What I mean is, you need to build on your content marketing efforts and move on to spreading your super duper content in other trusty portals, social media included. I strongly recommend guest posting, but do not just guest post everywhere! Guest post strategically and with measure.

Step 3: Optimize for Voice Search

Let’s talk about… voice

You simply have to enable voice search for your content. People mostly use voice search to ask for directions while they are driving, search for recipes with their hands already in the flour mix, and look for the “near me” restaurants and shops. Knowing the natural language people use for the queries related to your industry is, therefore, essentially important.

I can go on and on about voice search but a colleague of mine already did that a while ago.

Step 4: Focus on Visually Rich Posts

Visuals are everything

As we already established, video content will dominate more and more, and that means all other forms of content you post, need to be just as visually appealing. You can incorporate various forms of interactive content and grab readers’ attention with interactive maps and timelines, ephemeral content, augmented reality, webinars, interactive graphs, the 360-degree videos I mentioned earlier and, my favorite, virtual tours.

Your website content writers may not be skilled enough to handle the visual burden of your articles but we, at 411Writers, can. Just sayin’.

Step 5: Make Friends with Influencers

They matter now more than ever

The 21st century is the mother of many things, and influencers are one of its latest children. They were once regular humans who went viral for one reason or another, and they carry along a following that is a potential pool of new clients for you to tap into. Partner with an influencer whose audience is likely to want/need your product, brand or service, and develop a marketing plan. Shameless advertising is the last thing I’d recommend as it puts off people. I know it puts me off a lot. When it is a meaningful campaign launched by the influencer in partnership with the brand, and it carries an actual benefit aside from the not-so-hidden call to action, you have a great chance to monetize the opportunity. Sponsored giveaways are a great first step when working with influencers.

Bear in mind, your content writers will have to spread their wings outside your website and tailor their efforts towards different kinds of often more dynamic platforms for such influencer partnerships to succeed.

I hope this helped. Of course, there is always more to add and more opportunities to delve into, but these are some of the basics, and you can’t really build a home without foundations. Still, if you have anything to add or wish to start a discussion, the comment section is all yours!