If you are reading this, you are most probably searching for SEO copywriting services. You also probably own a business that requires this kind of service. That’s great! But, forget that for a second. Forget that you are the shop owner. Imagine you are the kid drooling over the pastry display you have in your store window who only has $5 and no idea which sweet to try. With a limited budget and evident hunger, you are dying for advice, but if there is no one to give it to you, you will probably go to a place whose pastries you already know. You won’t risk making a bad choice no matter how tempting your options seem to be. It may be an old-school example where reviews have a different form, but the principle is still the same. We need to feel confident in our choice. The road to that confidence is paved with good product reviews. Here is an overview of why your business needs them.

1. The Missing Puzzle Piece

It’s true, if you have a 1000-piece puzzle, having just one piece missing might not make much of a difference. But if it is a centrally important piece, it will. And product reviews are exactly that. They are the middleman, the existing customer. The eyepiece in a cyclops puzzle. They serve to bridge the trust gap between you and your potential clients. It is estimated that 91% of the people who will pay your site a visit, will search for your reviews among other things. And if you think about it, you are probably doing the same thing when considering a purchase, aren’t you?

2. More Competitive

Clients expect a lot from mobile apps, business software providers, and online stores. Product reviews are one of those things. If you ignore their visual appeal, product reviews can actually do a lot of the heavy-lifting in your sales pitch (without it actually being a pitch) as previous users of your product have explained their experience in their own language.

3. Stats Stats Stats

Unlike some of the content pieces on your website that will inevitably get lost in all the Internet noise, your product reviews will not. According to research, between 84% and 88% of people trust product reviews as much as personal recommendations from friends. Ergo, you need them if you want to connect with your target clients better.

4. Fresh Ideas

A good, informative product review, can give you valuable insight. Which features are useful, in which aspects your product falls behind, what can be improved or redesigned. Keeping an ear out for client feedback can only do you good in the long run.

5. Higher Ranking

In simple terms, product reviews will help you show up more online. Since reviews are normally chock-full of common questions, recommendations, and concerns, this will signal Google (or Bing) that your product solves or addresses a certain problem. There goes your higher SERP ranking!

6. Stand Out

When every eCommerce site out there uses the same manufacturer-supplied descriptions and specifications for their products, user-generated content often is the only thing that differentiates you and your offering from the competition. And if you don’t want to have your product reviews sound (or look) like theirs’, make sure you have professional website content writers on your side who have tried and know all about your product, plus have the skills to put that experience in truthful, convertible reviews. What do I mean by convertible reviews? Ones that convert reads into sales, of course! Wouldn’t you want that for your own business?

I’m going to go on a limb here and suggest that you would. What a coincidence, I would, too! Our SEO copywriting services at 411Writers are designed to help you meet your objectives. Let us help!