If you have a business, you may be using platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, maybe even Twitter. However, many companies also use YouTube to post videos of the work that they do, engage with their follower base, and more. It is yet another one of those platforms that you can utilize to grow your business as a whole. When it comes to content creation, it is not only important to use it for your website, but also for your YouTube videos. If you don’t know by now, the descriptions of your YouTube videos matter – and that’s not all. YouTube has a specific algorithm that they use to rank the videos uploaded to its platform.

How Does the Current YouTube Algorithm Work?

Are you doing everything that you can for your videos to be seen?

Like other online platforms, YouTube has a goal, which is to provide the most relevant and personalized video to users through various sections on their website – these include the search bar, the home page, the suggested videos, trending videos, and your subscriptions page. The whole point of this is to keep users on their platform and watching videos for as long as they can as well as to get them to log back onto their site regularly.

To do this, YouTube has to find out what videos and channels their users will want to watch. They track their users’ engagement while they watch each video. While doing this, they notice which videos you do and don’t watch, how long you spend on each video, and even if you like or dislike any (this means that you are clicking either the thumbs up or thumbs down buttons).

Contrary to popular belief, the algorithm likes to see engagement on videos versus how many views or clicks they have. This is what keeps the video creators from tricking the algorithm and trying to get ahead.

Your goal is to have your videos come up higher on the results page for users when they search. When ranking these videos, YouTube takes into account the title of your video, the description, and if the content matches the users’ search query. This is where SEO writing services and content creation are important. Using the proper keywords, relevant descriptions, and titles can make your videos stand out.

What May Be Coming for YouTube

A hint: it’s blue, it’s a button, and it’s under the videos

That’s right, they are blue recommendation bubbles! I learned about YouTube’s latest test for their platform from The Verge, which is where you can also see images and examples of what the buttons look like. Unfortunately, since this is just a test, YouTube is only testing it on a small group of people on both desktop pages and their mobile app.

You may be wondering what the big deal about these bubbles is, and here is the breakdown. Those blue bubbles are trying to make your YouTube browsing experience more pleasant and easier to navigate through. This is done by suggesting keywords, related topics, and creators in order to help you continue browsing through videos – that are relevant to you.

Yes, you already have recommended videos on the sidebar; however, these are more specific as they allow you to filter your recommendations since chances are you will be interested in something similar to what you are currently viewing.

What This Means for Your Content

Here’s what you have to do

If you already have a YouTube channel where you post videos or you are looking to start one for your business, it is crucial for you to utilize proper content creation techniques in order to rank higher and be recommended to other viewers. Think about keywords and search queries and how they can affect your videos. SEO writing services can play a big factor in helping you choose the right keywords and how to optimize your videos as a whole.

One of the most important things to do in order to improve your rankings on YouTube is to keep your audience engaged. Keeping the audience engaged throughout the duration of your video will keep them there longer, which means that those viewers are interested and that the algorithm will also like you. In order to attract viewers to your video, start with an enticing thumbnail for your video.

More than just the title and description should be optimized. Those relevant keywords should be placed in tags, files including videos, and even thumbnails.

While these blue button recommendations are just a test for YouTube at the moment, there is no guarantee whether they will be a permanent thing going forward. However, the YouTube algorithm still stands, so don’t take this information lightly. Optimizing your website and your YouTube videos with quality content can help set you apart from the competition.