These days, blogging is so much more than just a way to generate a following for your business, it is a way in which you can educate people about what you have to offer but in a more creative way. It can give these followers a look into your business, what you do, how you do it, and why you do it. One of the most important aspects of blogging for your business is the way you can boost your SEO and generate more traffic to your site, which can generate more leads. Are you ready to dive into the importance of blogging?

Importance of Blogging


You want more traffic to your website, right? Of course, you do. Your business is something that you want to stand out from the rest, which is why you may rely on various search engines ranking you higher in the results pages. Did you know that active blogging on your website can help boost your ranking? That’s right, it can!

Consistently blogging and posting new content will only help you – both from a ranking standpoint and for lead generation. Clients do not want to see outdated blogs from 2015 instead of 2018, and neither do search engines like Google. This means that your content may not be relevant, and while your website has posts from 3 years ago, your competitor may have posts from a more recent date, which can result in them, rather than you, getting the client.

Now, you may be thinking – how do I actively blog when I am so busy with my regular work schedule? 411Writers offers professional SEO copywriting services that can take your blog under our wings and steer it into the right path to success.

The Keys to Blogging


There are many different points to blogging that you should pay attention to in order to do it right and to your benefit. First things first, you want to draw in your audience, use a CTA (call to action) to turn them into customers or clients. Not only should your blog be engaging but it should also be easy to function – the only way you want to ‘lose’ your clients is mesmerizing them by what they are reading on your blog because it appeals to them.

Offer something in your blog post that makes your readers feel it is interesting but also exclusive to your method or business. You want to include something different – whether it is the writing style, the topic, or depth of each blog post. With an SEO copywriting service, you can leave this creativity to the writers to handle because we know just how to engage the readers.

Convert Website Traffic into Leads


The goal for many businesses is to have the visitors on their websites eventually turn into clients or customers. However, once they land on your website, they are not automatically a client of yours – in fact, there are a few steps in between that you may not be aware of. You must first attract these visitors to your site by actively blogging, utilizing social media tactics, and using visual aids.

Once these visitors have landed on your site, it is your chance to draw them in and keep them engaged in order to for them to read your content. Having appealing, engaging, and relatable blog content is important in this step because that is what will keep them on your site. With a strong use of CTA’s, landing pages, and more – you can ensure that the visitors will soon be converted into clients.

Get Started on Your Business’ Blog


Blogging may seem like a lot of work to you, but to visitors and soon-to-be potential clients, on your site, it also shows that you care about your clients because you are keeping them updated while running your business. With our helpful SEO copywriting services, you won’t have to take the time to do the blogging yourself. Instead, you can keep the visitors engaged on your site while having a greater chance of converting them into leads, thus keeping your business growing and thriving by having our team do the blogging.