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Embracing change is key to life in general. Barely existing and enjoying life are two different things. This is when improvement comes as the next, necessary step in life to make this existence enjoyable and challenging.

It’s Called Progress…

And judging by today’s technology, medicine, and fresh content of all sorts, we’re progressing as a society. The question is, why do so many people get stuck in their day jobs, same routine, barely looking to make any progress? I’m not a psychologist, and answering that may take quite a while. Nevertheless, I can give you some answers if I narrow down the question to…

Why Is Everyone Afraid of Google Updates?


Yes, I get it… SEOs, online businesses, and content creators, in general, are afraid they may lose their rankings. This was more of a rhetorical question. Come to think of it, it should have been a statement.

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Don’t Be Afraid of Google Updates!


There, that’s better. Now, let me back this “bold” statement (I called it bold because the font is bolded and that’s it.)

Thousands of Competitors Waiting in Line

There are thousands, if not millions, of websites trying to make it to the 1st page. Have you seen them all? What makes you think their content is not better than yours? Why is a year-old domain with little-to-none authority outranked by a 20-year old domain with thousands of backlinks and just average content?

Because It Takes Traffic to Make Traffic

Sad but true, you need more than super-duper, ultra-imaginative, approved by the Queen herself, heart-melting, and never-seen-before (except for the Queen and your proofreader, because proofreading is important) website content.

Yes, there is also design, loading speed, actual useful information (creative doesn’t mean beneficial), and of course backlinks. But for other websites to link to your domain, you have to reach the public first.

And if the domain is brand new, you’ll need a lot of time or a lot of investment, and chances are you’ll need both to make it to a ranking that satisfies you.

And This Is When the Update Shakes the Status Quo


Think about it, those OP websites that have been moving up and down the 1st page for years, cutting out the rest of the competition, may suddenly drop not just a couple of rankings but whole pages. And this is when newer websites with fresh content have an opportunity to shine.

Think of it as a “Try Me” opportunity.

Get to the 1st page and prove Google your website means quality to its visitors. Earn links, keep users engaged, and you’ll probably keep your position. If your website doesn’t prove to be worthy, its rankings will drop again, and another website will take its place. It’s that simple.

It’s Also Google’s Way to Make Websites Improve Continuously

Existing websites, on the other hand, should be motivated to keep doing their best once they’ve reached the desired ranking position. Also, just because you’re not ranking first for a certain keyword, it doesn’t mean you can’t be ranked first for a similar one…

There’s Plenty of Fish Keywords In the Sea


Research matters, and if you’re not currently using tools such as Ahrefs, Moz’s Keyword Explorer, SEMRush’s Keyword Research Tool, or even the free Google’s Keywords Planner, you’re missing out on a lot. Having access to keyword statistics and other data opens a whole new portal to your ranking game. It also helps you understand the service you provide better, and how your target audience is searching for similar services on Google.

I’ve even seen service providers defining the exact services they provide based on keywords. This is perfect for new businesses that are just starting, have the flexibility to specialize in a narrow niche, and get good rankings on more specific, long-tail keywords.

Google Has a Long Way to Go


Okay, keeping the competition high is a clear benefit. But I embrace every update just because it means that it’s improving Google in some way (at least it should be). And as a heavy Google-Searcher, I can say that I’m not fully satisfied with the results.

There are still a lot of inaccuracies, a lot of websites that might have earned their good ranking 5 years ago, but not anymore, are still in the top 10, and a lot of 1-2-year old websites that are barely making progress but deserve quite the attention.

The updates, however, are a sign of making progress, and I’m glad every time an update rolls out.

Just Keep Up the Good Work


Existing website owners and SEOs shouldn’t worry too much about updates as long as they’re doing their best. If they lose ranking because of an algorithm update, they’ll most likely get back to it once everything is settled. If not, maybe keep an eye on those new websites and see what they have that you don’t.