Top 20 Android Apps 2018-2019

Okay, you got me. I love movie references in my titles. Sure, I missed the second installment (Dawn of the Planet of the Apes) simply because apps are no apes, their empire is not likely to fall. Why war? Because apps constantly compete to gain a greater following. Since we already covered the topic of the most popular iOS apps for last year, I think it is now time to put the spotlight on Android. So, let’s look over the top 20 Android apps in terms of popularity, a.k.a. downloads, and let’s add more than SEO content writing services to the conversation.

The List

Some details first

Unlike with the blog about iOS apps, the Android list excludes apps that come pre-loaded on stock Android devices. This means Google Play Services, Gmail, Google Maps, Google News, YouTube, and a few others have been omitted. The following are the most frequently downloaded apps by Android’s two billion active users. Enjoy!

1. Facebook

The book of faces and ads

Facebook, or as I like to call it, the book of faces and ads, has been around for a while. In human years, it is almost 15 years old and, as any rebellious teenager, its life recently has been rather turbulent, to say the least. Between focusing more on the “books” rather than the faces, and the popular Cambridge Analytica scandal that started the #DeleteFacebook movement, we have seen many reasons to click Uninstall. However, we still don’t do it and keep scrolling up and down to kill time at least once a day. Go figure.

2. Messenger

Facebook’s natural extension

Messenger and Facebook have grown to be an almost interchangeable notion when talking about chats, so the app’s second place comes as no surprise. And while in its list of services, you won’t find content writing, Messenger’s features continue to increase.

3. WhatsApp

The green member of the chatty app family

People love to chat, and as of 2014 when Facebook bought the app, its download numbers have spiked even more. Just check Whatsapp’s app description, it is all about free, multifaceted, instant messaging.

4. Instagram

That lovable “insta” app

When it was released back in 2010, Instagram completely changed the social media landscape. Image filters became the new normal and rain of hashtags started falling down. Ephemeral content was born, and Insta Stories took over the moment.

5. Skype

Finally, a non-Facebook-owned app

Whether its service is the best is highly debatable, but facts are facts, and whether it is brand recognition or good functionality, or both, Skype sits comfortably on the fifth place.

The Rest of the List…

Because we don’t have that much time

Before you think any of the following apps became an overnight success, think again. Loads of research, app development, ASO (App Store Optimization), and even SEO content writing services to promote them went into their creation. Just a small point I wanted to make.

  1. Subway Surfers
  2. Twitter
  3. Clean Master: Space Cleaner & Antivirus
  4. Candy Crush Saga
  5. Snapchat
  6. SHAREit
  7. Facebook Lite
  8. Dropbox
  9. LINE
  10. Viber
  11. Flipboard
  12. Super-Bright LED Flashlight
  13. My Talking Tom
  14. Google Translate
  15. Security Master

Why These Apps Dominate?

We are talking about billions of downloads

The answer is obvious. Pick up your smartphone, unlock it, go to your menu. The top 5 are there, aren’t they? I rest my case.

The reasons are many — perhaps you were intrigued by the app description, or you are loyal to the brand; it could be a matter of habit of use or no desire to search for app alternatives. The point is, all those apps help us stay connected to the outside world and to our inner circle of friends. They are not just luxury, they have become a necessity.

They are the apes in a planet dominated by apps.