Blog Content Writing Service: 5 Steps to Drive Organic Traffic

According to a study, organic search drives 51% of traffic for B2C and B2B websites. This indicates that you need to ensure that your blog SEO is powerful enough to draw a maximum number of visitors from the search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing

Let’s take a look at the five steps that will improve organic traffic for your blog:

1. Use Long-Tail Keywords

A long-tail keyword is a phrase made from three to five words. They are specific words with relatively low search volume but bring in a higher conversion value. They are also less competitive. For example, ‘buy black coffee near me’ or ‘how to exercise smarter?’

Research shows that searches with four or more words have a better chance of getting more clicks, especially if your ranking is low on the search engine page. In fact, 95.88% of Google searches have keywords with four words or more!

2. Optimize ‘People Also Ask’

You are familiar with the 10 search results (blue links) that appear on Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP). However, the ‘People Also Ask’ (PAA) feature is also gaining popularity to increase organic traffic.

PAA feature answers questions or provides additional information to the user’s search query. It is a set of questions that other users have asked for similar searches. It appears in a box form at any position on SERP. Google shows a clickable link that the users can click on to get the information they are looking for.

3. Improve and Optimize Social Media Profiles

Over the years, social media has emerged as one of the primary sources of organic traffic. You can increase organic traffic through your social media profiles in the following manner:

  • Create an easy-to-read-and-remember profile name.
  • Upload a high-quality image in the profile photo.
  • Write a keyword-rich description.
  • Showcase a clickable link to your blog or website.
  • Post quality and informative blogs regularly.
  • Use visual content as it has more probability of being shared on social media.
  • Promote your social media profiles.

4. Update and Repurpose Old Content

Revisit your previously published content and update it as frequently as possible. This will keep content relevant to the target audience and improve search engine rankings. You can even repurpose old content by converting old blogs into videos and podcasts, and vice-a-versa. Similarly, you can repurpose a white paper into a blog or turn a blog post into a Twitter thread.

5. Try Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is considered one of the best inbound marketing strategies for organic traffic. Did you know that 60% of blogs have 1-5 guest posts every month? Guest blogging has the following benefits:

  • Improve your blog website’s position on search engines.
  • Build credibility and authority of your blog website or brand.
  • Drive traffic to your blog website through backlinks.

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