Everyone has heard a thing or two about blogging. Without wasting much of your time and making this blog article boring from the beginning, I’ll give you a quick overview of what to expect to read in this blog that is about… BLOGS.

  • History (really brief)
  • Blogging today
  • Why people like blogs
  • Maintaining a blog section

Blogging 1.0

Or how it all started

Blogs first appeared in the late 1990s, and at first, they were used as a platform to share thoughts and experiences. In other words, blogging 1.0 was basically an online diary. The only difference from a regular diary is that your thoughts and experiences are exposed to everyone using the World Wide Web.

Due to its growing popularity, blogging started combining the personal web pages with tools to make linking to other pages easier. By 2001, there were a lot of “how-to” manuals appearing all over the Internet.

Blogging 2.0

Or just nowadays blogs

It wasn’t long ago when blogs started to become tools for outreaching and opinion forming. News services and politicians began to blog to bond with a wider audience. Ever since blogs have become an important news source, and many readers were specifically looking for blogs when they needed to disseminate information that was not covered by the mainstream media.

Why we all love blogs

There are 3 types of people. Ones that love writing blogs, ones that love reading them, and there’s the third type that loves doing both. Why?

Freedom of speech!

As a web content writer, you can write about pretty much anything, and having the right sources or being in the right network, you can read about anything. There is no better bonding than finding a person that shares the same point of view as yours. What I find more valuable is finding another point of view, another idea that is great.

What about business blogs?


Well, let’s say you have a construction business and there is a blog section on your website. Writing about politics is not really appropriate but you can share anything about your favorite building materials, designs, even give people a few tips. Why would you do that?


It all ends with more traffic, and if you remember, in the first part of this blog, in particular, there is this part where I said even politicians have “began to blog to bond with a wider audience”

Well, there it is, blogging today is most often about traffic. However, there are still web content writers who really want to share some quality content with a wider audience. While the target is the wide audience, many of these people have a network of a quality-appreciating audience and they know their content will be much appreciated.

If you need quality blogs, you can benefit from our writing services, but before that, you can ask any questions about blogging in the comment section below. I’ll be glad to help in any way.