Before I was a copywriting professional, I was a marketer. And things like, building brand equity and finding the new FOMO campaign millennials would obsess over tomorrow, was my life. That and coffee. It wasn’t until recently that I realized just how intertwined brand equity and quality copywriting are. It has since been my number one topic of interest, and it is, therefore, what I will be talking about today. Even if you are already investing in SEO copywriting services, it doesn’t hurt to know why you are doing it and what benefits it should ideally bring you.

A Short Dissection of the Notion of Brand Equity

What it Means

Often misunderstood for brand awareness, brand equity is something else entirely. Look at it this way:

If brand awareness is the tip of the iceberg, then brand equity is the iceberg itself.

Simply put, brand equity is the added value your brand has in the minds of consumers as a result of your marketing activities. It is the level of engagement people have with your brand and how willing or unwilling they are to switch to another brand. As you can already guess, content marketing is the backbone of your brand-building efforts, and it deserves to be treated like royalty (well, not literally). This holds especially true if you are running an online business because everything you do to attract your audience involves content in one shape or form. Be it through your website, the script for your ad campaigns, everything. If you turn to the services of an SEO copywriting agency, their writers will (ideally) know how important content is for your brand.

Should You Care Much About it

You Be The Judge.

Having brand equity will give your company an edge over your competitors as you will have a bigger share of online eyeballs (so to speak) which will lead to increased website traffic, higher conversion rates, more social media followers, and so on.

Moving On to More Important Topics — Why Are Content & Brand Equity Best Friends?


When it comes to online brand equity, content is everything because it is your medium to reach your target audiences. If you take a closer look at what makes up online content (blog posts, social media posts, email marketing, paid advertising, etc.), you will easily see how content is the way brands interact with, reach, increase, and engage their following.

I mean, how can I fall in love with your brand if there is no content to tell me what you and your products are all about?

What is more, when you go the extra mile with SEO copywriting services on your quest to top rankings, this can make your business a respected influencer in your industry which will, in turn, contribute to your brand equity.

Having strong brand equity means you have a recognizable online voice.

And people believe brands that speak to them with words they haven’t heard from a hundred other brands before them. You don’t need just content, you need content that is meaningful and delivered in a way that engages and excites.

Why Does That Amazing Content Need to be Optimized?

A.k.a. Extra Efforts on SEO

To answer you in the simplest of ways, if your amazing, super-duper content is not properly optimized, no one will see it, and it will reach no one. Boom, there go your efforts or those of the SEO copywriting professionals you hired for these services. It is the same as spending countless hours on a play only to have your actors perform it with the curtains down. It will simply not reach the audience, no matter how little the distance between you and them may seem.

Well, that’s all from me for now, I tried to keep it short (life goals). What are your thoughts on the topic? I’d love to see them in the comment section below!