I hope you’ll forgive me, but I’ll skip the opening paragraph, just this once. What I am talking about in the following lines is too important to get lost in a sea of words.

Problem: “I have a landing page, it’s all there, why doesn’t it convert?”

Solution: This blog.

I used the word building in the title on purpose. A good landing page that converts is not something you throw together it is something you build. And something you build with the best available “construction materials.” Here are the essential elements.

1. Simplicity is key

This should probably come as no surprise, but the motto “less is more” is just as applicable here as it is in many areas of life. The fewer distractions you have on your page, such as annoying pop-ups and clumsy CTAs in odd places, the more focused your readers will be on your content. Be sure to have an easy to navigate page structure and copy that provides all the necessary information to encourage visitors to convert. No more than that. Too much information can overwhelm readers, and that’s the last thing you want. That is not to say filling a page with buzzwords and hoping for the best is the recipe for success. No, you need to have a clear text format and page structure in your mind that intrigues rather than overwhelms.

2. Write like a human

It may be one of those “duh” things, but you will be surprised just how many people opt for strained and robotic content. And you know what? People prefer to connect with other people, not robots. If you struggle coming up with unique content on your own, turning to professional website content writers is a must. And I’m not just saying that because I am one, I am saying that because I am a consumer, above all. Naturally flowing texts with shorter sentences, written in the first person and delivered in a concise manner have the greatest impact. Remember, your landing page is often your first interaction with a prospective client. Would you want to start a conversation with them that results in them visiting your site or would you prefer flooding them with adjectives and pop-ups that encourage them to click Close? I think so, too.

3. Headlines and subheadlines are your best friends

I always encourage people to take their time with headlines. The fight over grabbing readers’ attention is won or lost within the first three seconds of them landing on your landing page. That’s the exact amount of time necessary to read a title and win or lose a prospective client’s interest. People will scan and skim your content, filter it even, but the title is the one thing they will actually read. Make sure your headline is short, to the point, and reflective of the content below it. The same applies to subheadlines. Discrepancies in the title and the text will only agitate your readers!

4. Be specific

Using numbers and percentages in your content creation strategy make you more credible and persuasive in the eyes of readers. Don’t lie, though! If you have the stats or know the exact number, don’t retell them, write them as they are.

5. Use testimonials

One of the most efficient landing page building steps is to, wait for it, not write at all. That’s right. Instead, let the testimonials of your happy clients write your content for you. Include at least one testimonial in your landing page, and it will instantly make it more convertible. That is one of the most powerful trust signals you can send to potential clients.

6. Know your audience

If you have a look around my other blogs, you will find this to be the common denominator. I can’t stress enough the importance of tailoring your copy to the specific audience you are targeting. And I won’t get tired of repeating it, either!

7. Match your copy with your PPC Ads

Landing pages that actually convert as opposed to revert, match the words used in their content with the keywords used in their PPC ads. Doing so shows consistency and reassures your readers that they are on the right path.

8. Take it for a spin

After you have built the perfect landing page, don’t just throw it out there and cross your fingers that it will get the job done. Test it. And then test it some more.

You now have almost everything it takes to build a captivating and convertible landing page that encourages visitors to “land” where they should instead of having them flying away just 3 seconds later. Professional SEO copywriting services and skills are the missing ingredient in the mix. If you don’t have it, you know where to find us!