Content Distribution

It is a truth universally acknowledged that professional SEO copywriting services will get you unique, engaging, super-duper content that will wow, excite, and, above anything else — convert. But, and there is always a but, there is a little thing called content distribution that you shouldn’t ignore. Yes, maybe you have the perfect blog post, but if you don’t post/publish it strategically and on the right channel, it will all be an exercise in futility. So, let’s forget about content creation for a sec and let’s delve into this often neglected topic.


Straight to The Point

They say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. I say, “great content is in the eyes of users.” Making your content available to as many “beholders” should, therefore, be at the top of your mind when crafting your content marketing strategy. Because yes —

Content Marketing Has Two Children — Content Creation and Content Distribution.


Get in The Way of Traffic

I know they teach us to stay out of traffic, but that does not apply in this instance. Information is better received when it is positioned where viewers can easily find it on their own. It helps if you have the services of SEO copywriting professionals to get you top placements. That way, they don’t feel like a piece of content has been forced upon them, and they can even get a sense of pride in finding something they like themselves. The key to finding the busiest traffic area is to locate where your ideal users are. What channels are they using, when, how often, how long at a time, etc. Essentially, you need to target the people who are most likely to appreciate your content and effort.


Work Smarter, Not Harder

Working smart means, you shouldn’t just get on every single channel you can find. Much like with guest posting, if you don’t carefully select where you publish your content, your efforts may backfire. What’s the point in spending countless hours posting on all kinds of platforms just to have situations where you are offering remodeling services to readers seeking farming advice.


Channels to Consider

When you know your audience, their habits, the platforms they frequent, and the language they use, you can easily decide which channel and piece of content will work best. Some SEO copywriting services cover content distribution and channel selection, but you still need to monitor their selection. If we all agree that your website and blog are the most important channel, here are some others you should consider:

Instagram & Pinterest (basically, visual platforms) — Given they are mostly channels people get on to seek images, you need to build your posting strategy around enticing images that invite people to click through. That and hashtags.

Facebook — Facebook has its ups and downs, but regardless of its turbulent nature, it is still a great place to reshare your blogs, news, share updates, upload photos, you name it. A well-maintained Facebook profile also contains your NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number), website, and user-generated content, a.k.a. reviews.

Twitter — The Promoted Tweets option is perfect for content distribution. You can target specific groups of people through various metrics, such as interests, followers, keywords (duuh), and more.

Medium — Not suitable for every industry but if you provide services in the fields of SEO copywriting, marketing, branding, digital PR, etc., you can really use this platform to establish a good following.

Content Amplification Systems — Sites like Outbrain and Taboola are unrivaled in generating high levels of traffic. What these platforms do is they place content at the foot of other related articles to generate a valuable click. Since the audience is already reading content that is similar to yours, they are more likely to give your content a chance, too.

So, yes, content creation is the first step, but this is not where the process ends. Are you using other content distribution channels I didn’t mention? Let me know!