Blog cover image: How Content Strategy and Social Media Audience Go Hand in Hand

Do you know everything there is to know about your social media audience? Do you know what sites they visit online? What about the places they shop or maybe the articles that they like to read?

When using content writing services, you want to make sure that you are targeting the right kind of customer.

Knowing your social media audience is an essential part of creating a content strategy and most importantly, creating one that works to attract your ideal customer.

By analyzing your social media audience and incorporating the information into your content strategy, you will be able to improve it for it to work the way you want it to.

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Always Write for Someone

Make sure it’s just not just for anyone.

You don’t always attract the audience that you imagine you are attracting. For instance, your page may have initially targeted new homeowners, but you ended up having a main following of real estate agents instead.

Finding this out sooner rather than later is beneficial since you can act fast to make your content more relevant to your existing audience and not to the audience that you thought it would be.

So where does the analysis start?

Use Your Native Analytics

Each social media platform has its own.

On each social media platform, you will be able to look into the built-in analytics to find information about your followers.

The Facebook Ads Manager is where you should start as the report gives you a good overview of the age, gender, lifestyle, location, relationship status, education, and job title of your audience.

To look into their interests, the “Page Likes” tab should have a similar report. That’s where you can see their activity peaks, which can help you determine when to post your content.

Audience Insights is where you can go on Twitter to find out about your followers’ interests, demographics, and more. There are other tools like Audiense and Followerwonk that can provide you with more data on your audience if this isn’t enough.

You can segment and define your LinkedIn followers and page visitors using the demographic data from their analytics. The data is accurate and reliable as it comes right from the LinkedIn network. You can see if you are getting any traffic from your target industry and more.

To access Instagram Insights, you will need a business or creator profile. While it doesn’t tell you about your followers’ interests, it does tell you their location, gender, age, and the times that they’re online. This can also be useful for formulating the captions for your Instagram posts whether it’s on your own or using content writing services.

Imagine Your Ideal Customer

It can take your targeting to a new level.

When you imagine your ideal customer, what do you see?

Where do they go?

What kind of activities are they into?

Using the data that you have collected from your social media analysis and your imagination, you will be able to target a more accurate representation of your customer.

With this representation, you will be able to tailor your content strategy as needed.

It’s common for each platform to have a different ideal customer.

Businesses can tailor their content strategies based on the customer personas they have for each platform.

For instance, maybe you are selling luggage bags and your analysis shows that:

Your Facebook followers are mainly travel gurus who enjoy exploring new destinations.
On Twitter, you have a following of those who are often traveling on business.
Your Instagram following is full of people of all ages who enjoy traveling altogether.

In cases like this, you can tailor your content to each audience and have a different business avatar for each platform. However, make sure not to get carried away with the multiple identities as Kevin did in the movie Split.

The different characters played by the same actor in the movie Split

Now It’s Time to Optimize Your Content Strategy

You’ve got the data, and now it’s time to work.

With the data on your audience, you will be able to do the following:

Tailor Your Content to the Ideal Customer
For each social media platform, you might need a different content strategy. That’s where content writing services can come in handy. Keep in mind that different people have totally different interests. Tailoring your content to each platform can help you make sure that your audience will like it.

Utilize Your Top-Performing Content
Using your top-performing content to your advantage is a way to take your strategy to the next level. Revamp existing content, answer any questions regarding the same topic on new posts, and pay attention to the format that you use in those posts.

Increase Your Reach
Remember when I talked about using hashtags to boost your business? Chances are that your competitors are already utilizing them and you should be too.

Keep up With the Performance of Your Content
Tracking your content can help you determine what efforts are paying off. Do you need to alter the kind of content writing services you are ordering? This can be done using the analytics provided on each social media platform.

Take Control of Your Content Strategy

Step up your social media game.

To step it up on social media, you have to analyze your audience on each platform and then incorporate the findings into your content strategy.

Keep in mind that your audience can change more than you may think. Continuously evaluate your audience along with their social media presence to keep your content strategy up-to-date and take advantage of content writing services.