Everyone likes to feel special. Correction: everyone loves to feel special. And if we are brutally honest here, we wouldn’t pass on feeling that way, even when we’re buying mundane things like bread from our favorite bakery. And while running a family bakery does not require you to make a physical database of your current and prospective clients (you simply know them all!), many other businesses do. This is what I am going to be talking about today — how keeping a database will help you reach customer exclusivity even if you are managing a large business. What is the connection with our SEO copywriting services, you might ask? I’ll get to that later.

Let’s Look at the Two Kinds of Businesses out There

In terms of business strategies, there are two models that companies adopt, whether they realize it or not — the low-tech high-touch, and the high-tech low-touch models. What do they mean? Let’s look at an example to make it easier. If you buy a dress or headphones from an online retailer, you do everything, including the paying part, from your keyboard. You don’t usually speak with an actual person for these kinds of transactions. That’s the high-tech, low-touch model because there literally is no touch point between you, and the person you are buying from. Small businesses usually use the other model, the low-tech, high-touch, as they heavily rely on personal interaction with the client. Insurance brokers, travel agents, jewelers, tailors, and financial advisors all go in this group. As you can see, the services of the SEO copywriting experts you may be working with, need to adapt to the kind of business you are running.

The Obvious Benefit for Smaller Businesses

I Will Repeat It, Just in Case

Both kinds of businesses need customer databases. Smaller ones, need to establish a database with all the detailed information of their current clients so they can keep better tabs on their behavior, buying decisions, and preferences. Looking it from the perspective of the client, if they come to you and you struggle to remember their case/needs/likes every time, they will just go to the next insurance broker, jeweler, etc. People know that smaller, face-to-face businesses, are all about establishing a connection. Those who fail to do that, simply go out of business as they run out of clients.

Pro tip: Create a database and divide it into subsections following the 20/80 rule — those 20 percent of your clients that provide 80 percent of your business. Make at least two more groups for referrals and people who have inquired about your business. You can add a segment for clients you are thinking of targeting as well.

Completing the Mission Impossible of Attaining Customer Exclusivity for Large Businesses

Even Tom Cruise Will Need a Database for That

When it comes to larger businesses, the high-tech, low-touch ones, it often comes to many competitors fighting for the same market segment and offering products and services at relatively the same prices. Diversification is key here. If you are a huge online retailer, how can you ensure people keep coming back to purchase from you? Easy peasy — set up a database and update it every day. You need to track your return customers, especially the top buyers of them, they are your golden geese. Setting up proper email marketing campaigns will help you interact with your most valuable clients. Tailoring the email copy you send to that group is crucially important. Fortunately for you, our SEO copywriting services include email copywriting as well. Just sayin’.

Pro tip: Aside from the usual segmentation of your client groups, develop a referral incentive system where your current clients can refer their friends (or their emails, at least) in return for discounts and other benefits. Then, craft engaging and intriguing copies to attract those prospective clients. It sounds easy, but you really need content gurus for this approach to work. Also, don’t be afraid to experiment with ephemeral content and ephemeral offers. Seeing the clock ticking on a good deal always prompts action!

I tried to keep it short but it still feels like I might have missed something. What would you add to the topic? Let me know in the comment section below!