Instagram. Most of us use it, and it is safe to say that even more of us have at least heard of it. Some of you may have also read our other blogs. From them, you may have learned about how to improve your SEO strategies and optimize your business on Instagram using content writing services. However, for those who have, oddly enough, not heard of Instagram or don’t know much about it, here is a little summary. It is a platform that, from the look of it, isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Instagram was founded in 2010, and it was an instant success. It blew up with downloads, and over the past 9 years, it has reached 1 BILLION active monthly users! Of those 1 billion, about one half (500 million) use Instagram daily.

You can only imagine how many improvements, updates, and changes Instagram has gone through in the past 9 years. I mean, I have used Instagram since 2011, and I remember how bland it used to be compared to the many things you can do now! One of the updates that a lot of us, especially entrepreneurs, have been waiting for is the ability to post and publish content from desktop devices.

Entrepreneurs and Instagram

How they go hand-in-hand

As an entrepreneur, chances are you want to get as much reach as possible to grow your business and brand. Aside from relying on content writing services for your website, utilizing social media platforms, in general, is a way for you to do this rapidly. Instagram is one of those platforms where you can build excitement for your brand, product, and business quickly.

Dr. Dre from Beat by Dre was just one of the influential entrepreneurs to gain a following and increase his brand by using Instagram. He gained 2.5 million followers and quickly built awareness for his headphones!

From Mobile-Only to Desktop Publishing Access

What it used to be to what it is now

Before, if you didn’t have a mobile device, you were very limited when using Instagram on a desktop. While to some desktop versions of apps might seem pointless, entrepreneurs can often benefit most from them. Indeed, mobile versions can sometimes be tedious to use. For example, you have to shoot images or videos on a camera, edit them on your computer, and send the content to your mobile device to then upload on Instagram. Now, instead of using third-party apps to post your content using your desktop, you can post, interact, and more. All this is possible by using Facebook’s Creator Studio.

If you have a business or a brand, you may want to make a Facebook page directly associated with it. This allows you to create a business profile on Instagram (yes, they are all one company). Once you have these two linked, you can use the Creator Studio to create and upload content straight from your desktop. This also includes scheduling content, utilizing IGTV features, and even communicating through Instagram’s direct messaging.

Entrepreneurs Using Instagram’s Desktop Version

A real advantage for their business and brand

Many companies use desktops to complete most of the other work for their brand. This includes the content writing services for their websites, answering emails, and so on and so forth. Switching to mobile devices to interact on social media can be a hassle, time-consuming, and sometimes inefficient.

Viewing Instagram on a desktop allows you to take time on your feed, really look at and engage with the people you follow and their content. When it comes to posting Instagram content from a desktop, you no longer have to use third-party apps or exclude important and engagement-friendly features like IGTV.

Final Reflections

Desktop versions can surely help make things easier

Now, you can keep all or most of your work in one place – your desktop. Without the need to go back and forth as often from mobile devices to desktops, you can not only be more efficient but also save time. The other big social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are fully available on desktops. It’s about time that Instagram caught up, and it looks like they did!

Focus on the content writing services for your business, keep up with your social media accounts, and reach the maximum number of people!