Have you heard of the “medic update”? Is your website impacted by it? Or you were just browsing, looking for recent Google updates information online and stumbled upon this weird title?

Enough with the questions and let me start giving you some answers…

What is the “Medic Update?”

Tip: It’s not about your country’s health insurance policy changes…

There was a major Google search algorithm update that was announced on August 1st. It has been fully rolled for over a week now and while this should be a broad, global, core update, it seems that it’s mostly focusing on health and medical sites.

What about other categories?

Of course, there are many sites that don’t fall into the health category that are also impacted. Categories such as e-commerce, finance, business, travel, insurance, entertainment, coupons, fitness, and many others have also been influenced.

So, is this good or bad?

If you go into Twitter or start reading threads about the update, you’ll find that most of the people are complaining about it. But, remember, when one site goes down, another site goes up. Google will keep updating their algorithms, and they will always be unhappy webmasters. The only reasonable thing you can do is to adapt easily.

My site lost traffic, what do I do?

Google said that there is no “fix” for pages that perform less and suggested that webmasters should be patient and focus on building great content. And honestly, there is no point of waiting for Google to reverse your rankings. It simply doesn’t work this way. I don’t recall seeing a website that got hit by an update and then recover to previous rankings in just a few months.

That leaves us to the evergreen “content is king” phrase…

Basically, producing great content quality and avoiding black-hat SEO tactics is what every webmaster should focus on. And no matter what Google update is currently rowing, quality content writing will always be topical.

I personally don’t like the famous phrase. In my opinion, it’s overused and it lost credibility. It was used by Bill Gates in his 1996 essay where he defends the thesis that content is where the “real money will be made on the Internet.”

And it seems like he was right, but SEOs keep quoting this, especially when it comes to Google updates (ops I did it again). In my defense, I only did it, because I wanted to talk about this and bring awareness.

If you ask Google, content is not a king but God.

So, did your website feel the Medic update consequences and in what way? Maybe you are already looking for quality content ideas and service providers? You are definitely in the right way! Stay tuned for more information and feel free to share your opinion on the topic below in the comment section.