We all see that AI is taking the lead when it comes to many AdWords options. I believe humans can still add value to campaigns and actually do a better job than artificial intelligence. SEO content writers and PPC experts can confirm that. Keep reading for more information.

Humans are better at bid management!

Bid management can be one of the most boring tasks due to its repetitiveness. Downloading all the data, putting it into the correct format, and then determining the new bid by running it through the format can become quite annoying when you have multiple campaigns.

Yes, there are advantages of using the engine’s bid management systems. First of all, they are free… Also, they can set bids in real time and have an access to a lot of auction-time signals. In other words, those real-time bids are actually adequate. There are, of course, things that the machines can’t do, and this is where humans step in:

  • Knowing the contest
  • Understanding the factors that impact the industry

For example, when the conversions are slow due to a server issue, this will lead to low bids when using a management system, but a human will know the difference.

Humans create better content and better ad tests!

Content writing has always been an area of expertise for me, and I don’t see automatically generated text replacing human creativity anytime soon. While automatically generated titles with keywords might work, a professional, SEO content writer would do much better at this, and the job won’t even be that much time-consuming, either.

Ad tests are something that we, humans, can also do better than management systems. Google’s improvement in machine learning really cut the need for manually culling the underperforming ads of a given account. The idea is that the worst ad in the group can actually perform quite well with a bunch of users hitting that ad group, meaning its removal can be counterproductive.

Then again, it’s always best to have options. Removing such an ad should lead to adding a new one. The new one can do a better job and only a human can make that decision. At least for now…

In conclusion, we should take as much as we can from what AI can give us, but we should never underestimate our human skills. The only way to improve these machines is by considering more human input in the way they work, in the future.