Today, everyone is so digitally connected, which means that we tend to stay up-to-date on the latest news no matter how busy we may be with other things. This news is interesting, and it is what keeps readers engaged. Using newjacking and the services of professional website content writers for your real estate business can help your blogs, as well as the content on your site, stay relevant, thus appealing.

What is Newsjacking?

Also known as “trendjacking”.

There are two things that we have all heard about before – the first is the Super Bowl (it happens every year and is one of the most watched sporting events in the United States) and the second is Oreo (you know, milk’s favorite cookie?). If you can think back to Super Bowl XLVII (47) in 2013, you may remember that Beyonce (that’s right, Queen B herself) performed during halftime AND there was a power outage at the Superdome which paused the game for 37 minutes. Oreo took this power outage into its own hands and developed a clever Tweet which gained the attention of thousands of people who not only found it relatable but also interesting.


It was perfect timing and got a lot of attention. It was also the birth of the trend – “newsjacking”. In short, it is a way you or your website content writers can link your brand to trending news stories in order to generate attention.

Real Estate Blogging

It’s essential to keep your website updated

Agents can turn to blogging for the most recent breaking news stories, thus utilizing the newsjacking strategy in order to increase the traffic on their site and potentially increase their leads. In the real estate realm, capitalizing on relevant mortgage, housing, economic, and business news can make your site more widely discoverable. Your audience will want to know this information, they will find it useful, and it can incline them to start their home buying or selling process with you as their agent.

Staying on top of the newest real estate topics and the hottest trends shows readers that you are staying informed about what is going on. Current data and news makes for strong topics to blog about for your readers. Agents can focus on housing data such as sales indexes, pricing trends, lending information, and more in their content or blogs by focusing on what these changes mean for buyers as well as sellers, all while getting the message across.

There are even ways to incorporate upcoming events, holidays, seasons, and more, with real estate, because these occasions are likely to affect the market. Even during this potential downtime in the market, you will still be busy as an agent, which is why SEO website content writers can take over.

Finding Out What’s Trending

Assuming doesn’t always work in this case.

The real estate market trends are not just what you can use for newsjacking – you can use other topics that people can relate to. Even shorter posts, puns, images, or social media posts can grab the attention of your target market. A great way to find out what trends are hot right now is to check out Google Trends. When using the newsjacking technique, it is important to be smart about the content posted by staying away from controversial, touchy, offensive, or irrelevant topics. For example, trying to tie in the Golden Globes to your blog about the right time to sell your property – it might not work.

Of course, some blogs become better when they go off topic, but they must still be relatable (this is important for SEO reasons as well) – so, feel free to get creative or leave it to the content writing professionals. Once you have worthy, relatable, and interesting newsjacking content or blogs, you can promote it on social media to get more attraction. Using hashtags can also come in handy for maximum exposure, which our website content writers can also help with.

Social media is also a way that you can find out what people are talking about or what they are already hashtagging. Twitter has “Trending Topics” and even Instagram features trends from people you are following, which can also be more related to your target market or real estate business overall.


Let’s wrap it up, shall we?

Using newsjacking can get your content further and reach a new audience that would be useful to tap into. To summarize, utilizing this technique can be beneficial, but it must be used strategically and correctly. Choose something interesting, informative, relevant, not-so-sensitive topics, and most importantly, something relatable to your real estate business in order to engage your readers. Don’t worry, our SEO content writing services cover all of the above!

Have you used newsjacking for your real estate content? What did you use, and how did it work for you? Don’t be shy… let me know in the comments!