When it comes to content creation, most people focus primarily on finding the right topics, keywords, and search engine optimization strategy, in general. While these are indeed the governing factors in your online story success, there are other imperatives that can go unaddressed. Proofreading is one of them.

It’s In Your Best Interest

Even if you have top web content writers in your team, or you have decided to outsource article writing, there is always a chance that typos, punctuation, grammatical errors, and stylistic mistakes end up in your copy for the world to see. So what if a typo or two slip through the cracks, you might ask. Well, as a business owner, you want to have your company displayed in the best possible light, and that happens through your web content among other things. And while it is impossible to avoid mistakes in the writing process, adding proofreading to the basket will ensure errors are kept to a bare minimum. Why? Because…

Content Errors Can Hurt You

Your company’s image is to a large extent shaped by the content you have on your site. Having a copy that contains typos and grammatical errors will, naturally, reflect on the way people perceive your business as a whole. When people visit your site, they are searching for specific information about a particular topic. They expect to read information that is both credible and reliable. Careless writing, poor grammar, inaccuracy, and even a couple of misplaced commas all lead to lack of authority and trust in your brand. Poor content quality makes your business seem amateurish. People will not pause and think “Hmm, these kinds of mistakes happen,” no, they will say “These guys don’t know basic grammar, what can they teach me about proper SEO?” while leaving your site.

It Can Hurt Your Ranking, Too

Errors in your content can make your message hard to comprehend. And while search engines can predict and infer what users are searching for in their queries, your website, with its typos, will not appear in relevant search results if there are many spelling errors.

The Human Factor

Many people think that using spell-check software to proofread their content is enough. What these programs can do is point out words that aren’t in their dictionary and catch commonly misspelled words. Such software has limited capabilities when it comes to factors outside of basic grammar and punctuation. The clarity of the writing, the fact-checking, the general organization of the article, these are all things that only an actual editor can check and correct.

My advice? Opt for website SEO copywriting services that can deliver content that is both unique and free of grammatical and stylistic errors. FYI, our team at 411Writers has specialists in both custom writing and proofreading. So, let me know what your take is on the importance of proofreading website content in the comment section below. I’d love to hear from you!