Improving or adding new quality content is not easy, but sometimes, it is the only option for better optimization. Yes, you can always find a way to get more links, you can always boost your social media presence, but let’s be honest here, the content is our doorway to entering countless SEO benefits.

In today’s post, I’ll focus on the key elements of boosting up your content when you are looking to gain extra traffic. Keep in mind that webmasters are sometimes aiming for better quality content in the sense that it’s better oriented and informative. This is also a way to gain more traffic, but not necessarily. See what needs to be improved to get that extra traffic, below.

Niche Groups

A detailed audience research is important

Targeting and researching audience groups has always been a thing and will always be an important part of good content strategy. What you can do to improve it is to sort out these kinds of niche groups. And this is not only about the groups you already reach! It only has to be a group of people that are inside the community and are interested in your subject matter.

Let’s give you an example with music lovers and people who love visiting record stores. Your audience is clearly into music, but let’s say there is this particular group that supports the vinyl industry. Think about a niche where you explain that vinyl records offer great quality, write down a bunch of benefits of listening to vinyl records, but do not forget that this is just a small group of people – you don’t want to lose your whole audience just because you focus on vinyl now. The point is to find a niche and serve that small group but not overdo it. Let’s say there are people who hate MP3 and you post an article how bad it is, but for the rest of the people who support this format, it will be insulting, and they will probably stop following you.

Don’t Always Advertise

“You want our pizza now, BUY IT NOW!”

Even if your whole business is about selling products, try and not advertise all the time. At least not aggressively. Give your potential customers something honest, some knowledge they can use, free of a charge, people love that. Creating content that doesn’t directly conflict with your business is a proven method. If you are in the food market and focus on a particular kind of food, let’s just go with pizza, take the time to educate your audience on the origins of pizza, what kinds of pizza there are, how Italians eat their pizza, how the process evolved in the rest of Europe and then the USA, etc.

Post More Frequently

Hire more content writers

Look for successful content writers from other platforms. There are millions of websites giving people the opportunity to express themselves with personal blogs or even vlogs. Some of these people are really talented and would love to build their portfolio of professional work. Not only will you personally select the real talents so you can be sure you are really paying for high-quality content, but these people will usually have a network of regular followers, people who will now reach your website. In other words, it’s a win-win for both sides.

Content is really one of the most important topics nowadays, and I (and the rest of the 411Writers bloggers) will keep posting content-related topics.