Now that the holidays are behind us (in most parts of the world) and we are using a new hole in our belts, it is time to think about what lies ahead. Sure, it is easy to mentally prepare yourself that the holiday boom in sales will not be for another couple of months till Easter. But, what if you could do something about it now? At 411Writers, we do a lot more than offer quality content writing services, we give sound advice, too. And here’s one of them.

Tactic 1: Take out the Sieve & Sift Through Your Audiences

It is about careful remarketing.

‘Tis the season to be jolly. ‘Tis also the season to make your loved ones scream of happiness when they open their presents. This means the holidays bring an influx of clients that are not your regular shoppers. You need to segment those clients causing irregularities in your traffic into separate groups. You can use various segmentation factors, such as specific time periods (Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day) or eagerness to buy (last minute purchasers, post-holiday shoppers, early bird purchasers).

Why is this important?

It may be close to the mind, but these groups of clients can wreak havoc on your brand image and remarketing efforts in several ways. Maybe they only visited your site and never made a purchase/reservation, yet weeks later you are still remarketing to them although they have already purchased what they needed. Or worse, they already bought it from you. If you are using lookalike audiences ads, you may be paying to target people you may not want as clients for more than a holiday-while. Avoiding these potential mistakes will already put you one step ahead.

Aside from content writing services to target the right clients, you also need to unleash your creativity toward establishing a remarketing strategy where certain audiences are blocked. Your team of SEO content writers will have the tricky task of charming those blocked audiences with custom-tailored content depending on where they are in the purchase funnel.

Tactic 2: Pay Close Attention to Your Actual Holiday/Seasonal Buyers

Incentivize them to purchase more.

It is a losing strategy to accept holiday buyers are only here for a single purchase-while. On the contrary, they already chose you once, why not make the most of it? Segment buyers at product level, create and run ads for add-ons and upsells based on what they already bought from you. Use these audiences to get rid of your seasonal inventory faster. Go wild with second-purchase offers, product-specific promos, and discounts, and make your end-of-season sales an absolute success both in numbers and conversions.

Tactic 3: Turn Holiday-Specific Buyers into All-Holiday Buyers

Use Christmas to promote other holidays.

Even though the winter holidays are the peak of shopping, that does not mean people don’t have gifts to buy for other occasions. It may be too difficult to convert seasonal buyers into all-year ones, but you can surely lure them in for other holidays. You are looking at holidays, such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, graduation, the list goes on. The best way to get customer’s attention is through gift-centric content which is why you will probably need content writing services to get everything right.

Tactic 4: Dig Through the Carts of Your Holiday Shoppers

Take out the sieve again.

Once the holidays are at their end, get digging into what your holiday shoppers actually bought from you. Focus on the ones that made significant purchases, no need to bother with those who earned you close to nothing. From those with hefty shopping carts, make a full report about not only the total value of their order, but the kind of products they actually bought. Are they three pairs of the same jeans, three pieces of clothing from the same brand, or just random pieces of clothing? Getting this intel will help you in knowing how to retarget each group of buyers so you can show them you know them. And this, my friends, is the first step towards converting them from strangers to loyalists.

My Advice?

Go for non-purchase techniques. Email marketing, online birthday cards, newsletters, and if it applies to your business, you can even have a network of selected clients to share industry news with. Sure, this will imply you have an active blog page on your platform which is something our SEO content writers can help you with. In the end, you worked hard to get that holiday boom in sales and traffic. Capitalizing on it further is an opportunity you can’t miss.