We talked a lot in Part 1 about how most people rely on home stagers and their businesses in order to make the homes they are selling stand out to potential buyers. The home staging businesses, like the one you own, can work together with the real estate industry. With that in mind, it can be beneficial for you to also check out the real estate blog – if you haven’t already – where we also talk about taking advantage of our SEO copywriting services to get you leads. Let’s continue diving into home staging and how you, as a stager, can connect with your clients, which will result in more leads for your business.

Connecting with Potential Clients

The whole point of home staging is to provide potential home buyers with an image that can make them feel that the house they are in can actually be there’s one day. Building an online presence for your brand is not just important to succeed but also so that you can connect with your potential clients in different ways. By continuously uploading content for your clients to see, this means that you have a way to relate to them in ways that others can’t. Your home staging website should be able to draw in potential clients who are looking into having their property staged. One of the best ways to have this happen is to intrigue them with your work by blogging about previous staging projects that you have worked on.

Fact: Blogs can help with effectively promoting a product or service.

Give your clients the inside scoop on a few projects – there is no need to tell them exactly how you did it but more so a glimpse of what went on throughout the entire process. There are many ways to go about this, but one of the ideal ways to start off is using before and after photos of certain rooms. Whether the property was occupied beforehand or if you had to do some major changes in order to make the place look well put together – it is important for the clients to see what you can do. There are many different places for you to focus on within a property, but some of the main areas – ones where the new homeowners may hang out in a lot – would be the bedrooms, living room, bathrooms, and even the kitchen.

With our SEO copywriting services, you will be able to have words that go along with those photos in order to describe how you did the job. Blogging about each job that you finish is a lot of work aside from what you do already. We can ensure that you get your message across in a way that can engage new clients and so that your website can be easily found on Google searches.

Choosing Your Target Market

Your business’ target market has 2 groups: 1. Primary Audience: those who need your product/service (home sellers) and 2. Secondary Audience: those can sway the primary audience (real estate agents)

This industry is a very specific one, and while it seems obvious who your target market should be – it can go deeper than that. Yes, you guessed it – your first target audience would be home sellers. You work with people who are selling their homes because they want a good price for their property and you can help them get it. But, don’t stop there! You can also target people who are renting their homes, real estate agents, brokers, and even potential home buyers. You may be wondering why you should target buyers – however, most people who purchase a home have one they are looking to sell or rent as well. This means you can get a head start in educating them early about the home staging process.

Figuring out who your ideal target audience is going to be is the first step, now you have to market for them accordingly. With our content creators and SEO copywriting services, we can use some specific wording, keywords, and more in order to appeal to that audience. You can leave the logistics to our team, and we can help you get your site noticed by new visitors, which can result in new leads for your business.


After 2 parts and a ton of information to have sunk in, let’s have a breakdown of what exactly went on. As a home stager and potentially being self-employed, it is likely that you are struggling to get leads. This doesn’t mean that it is impossible to do, but there are certain steps you can follow in order to increase your chances of getting those leads, and our SEO copywriting services can help. From blogging regularly for you to updating the content on your site and more that can make your website rank higher on search engines – thus resulting in more leads.