You got it. You were doing the dishes or taking a nap, and it came to you — your brilliant million-dollar idea. Great. What now? Do you just let it go down the drain and sleep through it… OR do you move mountains to make it happen?

If you belong to the first group, the checklist of the aspiring entrepreneur is your next step. What traits do you need; who can you draw inspiration from; do our website content writers have anything to do with that? Find out the answers below.


The Checklist

Accept Failure as Part of the Journey

A.k.a. persistence

To you, “failure is not an option,” but you are willing to fail, and do it enthusiastically. Like Churchill said, “Success is the ability to go from one failure to another without losing enthusiasm.”

Do you think Walt Disney World would have ever existed if Walt himself never got back up after getting fired for having no imagination and bad ideas? Did you know, it took Thomas Edison more than 10,000 times to invent the light bulb before he actually succeeded?

Your Fuel Must Come from Within

There is no gas station for discipline & motivation

As I am writing this down, there is one name, in particular, that’s on my mind.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

That crazy 15-year old Austrian boy who saw a documentary about the land of the dreams and read a bodybuilding article with the inspiring story of Reg Park (Mr. Universe), would go on and completely change the world. He’ll go from tireless training 5 hours a day, through accent removal classes, through naysaying moviemakers who’d later make roles especially for him. And he’ll achieve every other goal after. Arnold is a self-made, self-propelled, extremely disciplined man. If you want to make it as an entrepreneur, be like Arnold.

There Is No 9 to 5 for You

It’s always work o’clock

Nobody is more passionate and driven about the success of a company than its creator. No matter if you are working on your own or have a team, it will fall on your shoulders to be an advocate of your idea/brand/project 24/7. That energy is contagious and everybody you work with must be “infected.”

Success waits for no man. You need to be willing to sacrifice a lot to even stand a chance at a small gain. Bye sleep, bye personal life. Hello, buckets of coffee.

You Are Spongebob

Entrepreneurs are sponges

The thing about entrepreneurs is that they simply never sleep. When they are not in meetings, pitching ideas, and trying to be in several places at once, they catch up on the news. Like sponges, they devour information and stay ahead of all emerging trends and technologies in theirs and other closely related industries. Constantly scanning your environment is one of the best habits you can make. New applications, niches, products, markets, twists on an old concept, information is a priceless resource.

Your Strategy Covers All Grounds

Content rant is coming

I’ll skip everything that doesn’t relate to content, because… reasons.
No matter your niche and industry, you are bound to need a website and some sort of digital platform. Chances are, you do not have website content writers on board, so you will have to source them from the outside.

My personal advice (after being both a freelance writer and a purplehead at 411Writers) may seem a bit biased, but hear me out.

If you truly want to establish a tone of voice that is recognizable and unique across all your platforms, you need to work with the same team of content creators. However, freelance writing comes with very little guarantees, and if you need more content, they might struggle to deliver it on time. Be wise, carefully screen the website and article writers you are working with because it falls on them to be the link between you and your audience.

Final Words

Entrepreneurs are strange creatures — they pack a bag of confidence, motivation, and relentless effort, and they go climbing rocks and peaks. The compass points only up, and the map says “you’re on your own from here.” If you choose the entrepreneurial life, be prepared for a rocky, slippery, but really rewarding hike. The view promises to be good.