In previous blogs, we’ve already established what product descriptions are and whether there is such a thing as the perfect description. Now, let’s take a closer look at why you should have product descriptions on your site and will it make a difference.

Information is key

Ideally, the first and foremost purpose of product descriptions is to educate your customer on the product you are offering to them. Descriptions provide supplemental product information that a standalone picture can’t always do on its own. Would you buy a laptop just by looking at a picture of one, or would you need to see its specifications and features before making a decision? I thought so. Aside from electronic devices, product descriptions are vitally important in many other industries. Take the fashion industry, for example. If you are allergic to certain fabrics, you will search for that in the description of that amazing dress you found online. If there is no description, you might not buy the dress regardless of how much you like it. It’s simply not worth risking an allergic reaction to get it.

By providing clients with key information about your product, you help them make accurate purchasing decisions. It is the perfect chance to prove your product is the solution to their problems.

And of course, there are SEO benefits, too…

It turns out many people don’t really connect 2 and 2 when it comes to product descriptions and SEO. By optimizing your product descriptions for specific beneficial keywords, you can really improve your chances of ranking high on Google. It’s true, you may be able to optimize your images for keywords, but that may not be enough for it to appear high up in SERPs due to a lack of content.

Boost conversion rates

If written well, product descriptions can significantly boost conversions. Reading a fun, skillfully written description versus one that is static and dry, or one that is absent, often makes all the difference between having a reader and a client. If the product description clearly showcases the benefits of the product, has personality and style, and provides value, then you have a perfectly convertible product description.

It builds rapport

A good product description can assure your customers that this is the product that will best solve their problem or improve their situation. Combining features with benefits is key here. For example, tying oversized bags with busy moms who need extra space to fit all their essentials.

To reap all the benefits of properly made product descriptions, I would advise you to turn to website SEO content services. By getting content for your website from skilled industry professionals, you are investing in both SEO-friendly content and creative, unique, and to the point copies. Virtually, the best of both worlds!