As times moves forward, many techniques for content writing become more relevant and important. One that seems to be holding on tight – and most probably not going anywhere anytime soon – is the “Above the Fold” strategy. It is used almost everywhere, and chances are that your content writing service is utilizing it too, but are they doing it right or in the most effective way possible? Keep reading to find out some of the most popular ways to master it in content writing!

What Does ‘Above the Fold’ Mean?

Learn, master, utilize

Newspapers – you remember those things, right? You usually found them sitting on your driveway every morning. Your parents probably read all of the latest news while you caught up on the cartoon section – at least that was how it was for me most of the time. Anyway, newspapers are folded in half due to their size – and what do you see on that top front page? A headline, content, and potentially an image (all of which are attention-grabbing for the reader).

These grab the readers and draw them into the story. It is the same for the digital realm as the intriguing and catchy content should be at the top and without the need to scroll for it.

Beware: The Fold May Vary

Various devices mean various folds

Tablets and smartphones have recently taken over many desktops, and each of those screens has various dimensions. With the different sizes, the fold may vary and may require you to change your content strategy in order to ensure that your website is compatible with or responsive on all devices. Responsive means that it will adapt to the device or browser that is being used.

The Motivation to Scroll

Give them a taste of the pie…but not the whole thing!

An obvious notion doesn’t always secure the action. While people know to scroll through the website, they don’t always do it. Despite the importance of the “Above the Fold” technique, there should still be something within the content that entices the reader to scroll for further information – which means your SEO content writing service should not put it all on the top.

Reward Your Readers as They Scroll

Make it an experience, not just a regular read

Once you get your readers scrolling, you want to keep them engaged. Use strategies that will keep them interested and get them to understand what you have to stay at the same time. Don’t bombard your audience with too much because they might get overwhelmed and lose interest. It is also important to change up the way you explain things – go from a more detailed explanation to one that is basic so that no one gets left behind.

Consider the Complexity of Your Offering

Is it too long to explain in a couple of sentences or short enough to do the trick?

If you are offering a product or service that is simple enough to explain in just a few sentences, then, by all means, go for it! However, don’t forget to leave something for the rest of the page. Coming up with something catchy may be your thing, but if not, your content writing service will take care of it.

There are some businesses that can’t get their point across so easily. Start off with an engaging title and continue on with compelling information about what you have to offer. Remember, if the story is intriguing, your reader will keep scrolling!

Sites That Have Mastered It

These companies are successfully utilizing the “above the fold” technique

There are many companies that have done a great job of mastering the above the fold technique. Here are a few:

  1. HubSpot


Hubspot wants their clients to use their services to grow as professionals as well as their business. With an engaging picture, some information about their service, and a call to action button that gets them to sign up, they can intrigue their readers.

  1. FabFitFun


This company sells a box subscription valued at $200 for only $49.99. Notice how FabFitFun entices you by telling you what they do, where to get the box, and you can see the “How it Works” above the fold which gets you to scroll! Also, that “limited quantities available” message is also a great addition since it makes you want to act fast.

  1. Equinox


Equinox is a gym that encourages you to join, in just a few sentences. With their catchy dare video to their call to actions, they did a good job of getting you to explore their page and get a membership.

“The fold” is very much alive and being utilized in today’s time – even in the digital content realm. No matter what, your blogging gurus and even your SEO content writing service must keep in mind the different devices people use, the motivation for readers to scroll, the reward they should get, along with the complexity of your offering. Are you utilizing the “above the fold” technique for your website?