It’s possible that the first thought that came to mind when reading “Skyscraper” was about really tall buildings… well, that’s not the case. Even though we will be referencing them later on in examples, the buildings are not exactly the topic for today. It is more so about creating content and blogging for your business – the right way in to get more leads (a.k.a. – the goal) and an SEO copywriting service can definitely help. Let’s dive on in then, shall we?

What is the Skyscraper Technique?

If you have already heard of it and what to know how to utilize it, feel free to skip ahead.

This is where you search the web for popular content that your competitors have created. The researching may take some time but it is important to analyze your competition and their top performing content. Once you find something good, you create even better yet similar content or have our SEO copywriting service do it for you. After this, you will reach out to people, share your blogs, and hopefully get backlinks from other sites. Now here is the connection to skyscrapers (yes, the buildings). Skyscrapers are popular or gain attention because of their height. Competitors find the highest building and build another one with a few floors more – this way, they are on top and obviously higher thus, gaining the attention of everyone.

A Notice:

Because it must be said.

This is not a way to use someone else’s content as your own. In fact, this is the wrong way to use this technique. In most scenarios, you don’t have their permission to use their content, so it is best to stay away from and instead use it more so as a reference point. Build on top of it with your own ideas, adding your own writing style, a creative edge, and add it to a well-designed page. I know what you might be thinking: what exactly is the point of this? Keep reading to find out how you can incorporate it into your business.

How to Utilize It

Now that you got the gist of just what it is, let’s get down to good stuff.

First things first, start by researching your competition. This is not only important for this technique but also from a business standpoint. You want to know who you’re up against. Once you have found your competitors, it is time to search for popular trends or topics that they might be writing about that are both related to your business and interesting enough for other people out there.

The next step is to create your own blog or piece of content that is new, unique, yet delivers a similar message. This is something that our SEO copywriting service can do for you. With blogs, you can post content that is engaging, relatable and has a better design. Once you have created the content, it is time to start sharing. The people who have interacted with your competitors and their blogs are a good start. This way, they can keep you in mind and potentially (hopefully) link to your blog in the future.

Why Search For Your Competitors’ Content


You are not just searching for any content, you are searching for content that has been successful. The term “successful” means it has gotten a lot of reviews, comments, engagement, and recognition in some sort of way. If it has, that means that it is in high demand from people who are interested in that service, topic, or product. Whether you develop the content for your site or an SEO copywriting service, it is important to try to solve a problem, make sure it is entertaining, and current. This is because, at the end of the day, those who are searching for these topics are your target market. You want to create something better so that you have a larger chance of outranking them – hence, the skyscraper technique.

Spread the Word:

Sharing is caring, after all.

Spreading the word about your blogs is a great way to reach new audiences. This can be through social media postings, word of mouth, sending newsletters informing your audience about the new blog post or even appearing in a Google search because of the utilization of keywords by either you or the SEO copywriting service.

You want your competitors and others talking, as well as writing, about you using backlinks to refer to your content – spreading the word can help. Whether it is fellow bloggers, influencers, or other brands, you must let the world know that you are indeed out there. With a well-developed message for your existing readers through e-mail newsletters, you can grasp the attention of your audience in a more effective as well as in a broader way.

The Skyscraper Technique in a Nutshell:


When you utilize the skyscraper technique, you will have greater chances for others to start writing and talking about you as well as linking back to your post. This will increase your brand awareness and you will have more of an opportunity to gain new clients for your business as well as readers for your blog. Use our SEO copywriting service to reach for new heights with your website!