Let’s be real, the travel industry is at its peak. Generating more than half of the annual income of some countries, it’s gaining more and more attention. If you are a travel agent or a tour operator that wants to get more customers and exposure online, then using professional SEO copywriting services is the quickest way to improve your website. Quality content creation is what it’s all about. We’ve mentioned it before but it’s true for the travel industry as well. It can determine whether a potential user takes their next vacation with you.

So, are you on board to find how to make content work for your travel business?

Keep reading then…

Where Does a Journey Actually Start?

Well, you guessed it, in the mind of the traveler. Maybe we see a stunning destination in a movie or a friend’s picture on our Facebook feed. And right after that, we flip out our phones or we open a new tab and write something along the lines of “flights to Italy”, “Rome in August”, and “packing list Italy”, for example. In fact, granted by the digital age we live in, research shows about 80% of the trips are booked online.

Your traveling business can benefit from those numbers as well. You only need SEO-friendly content.

On top of it, the first visit to a website doesn’t, in most cases, mean that the purchase will be made right then and there. The user will compare prices, visit multiple sites, and look for specific answers or solutions to a problem. This means your website will have to keep the interest and help potential clients with useful, yet easy-to-follow information that will be worth revisiting.

The Travel Industry Is Crazy Competitive

But this doesn’t mean you should quit!

Thus, when you’re in a constant battle for the attention of potential visitors online, everything matters to a certain extent. However, you’ve heard it all along, content is king. But that only applies to the one created with your whole SEO strategy in mind. This means content creation just for the sake of it simply won’t work, it needs to be targeted and helpful.

#1. Be Destination-Specific

Most people start their searches with a specific place in mind and they want to land on pages that are relevant to this location. The best practice for creating SEO-friendly content is to be destination-specific and to identify the right keywords. This applies when you are marketing a product, accommodation, flights, etc. all around the world or in a specific location.

Choosing the most converting keywords is something experienced web content writers such as the ones in 411Writers can do for you. Weaving them into a stylistically-coherent and natural-sounding text is what professional writers do. And since this is an integral step in targeting the right audience and turning it into clients, it’s best to trust specialists with it.

#2. Use Email Marketing to Your Advantage

We’ve covered the importance of content distribution before. There are many channels that a travel agency can use to engage with its customer base and stay in touch. One of them is via email. Now, that’s something that can make or break the relationship you’ve worked so hard to establish with your customers and online visitors. And it’s a tricky one. Luckily, as part of the content creation team at 411Writers, together with my team, we’ve taken professional email writing down to a fine art. Sending your target audience regular updates, offers, and vacation packages in an eye-catching way while avoiding spammy or intrusive titles is the key to it all.

#3. Try Blogging

Travel agents and tour operators need well-written blogs too. The role of strong and engaging content is to turn people from passive visitors to your website into active users, customers, and ambassadors of your brand, service, or product. This all leads to the fact that introducing a blog section on your website will allow you to saturate your website with relevant content that will attract the attention of the Google search engine.

The planning stage of a trip is where the research online predominantly takes place. This is where your blogs will play a huge role. Unique articles packed with useful tips, information, attractions, places to visit, foods to try, and so on – all pinnacles of travel blog content creation. At this stage, the visitor is thirsty for both informative pages that give them value in a synthesized and engaging way. This will save them time and make them keep coming back for more.

There are more players in the tourism industry but I chose to cover travel agents and tour operators first. Stay tuned for future insights, tips, and information on why good content should be a priority in your online presence building strategy.