Congratulations to everyone who’s made it so far. It’s nearly the end of the 8-blog sequence, and today, I’m going to talk about the most underestimated component of all – the app publisher name.

Yes, the publisher name is also used by the search algorithm…

Not only can users search by app publisher name via the store, but this is an important component of the App Store search algorithm. It’s needless to say how beneficial it is to use a keyword tied to the type of apps a developer is creating for the app publisher name.

Finding the right app publisher name

Or the most suitable one for your leading apps

Okay, mixing keywords with the developer’s name and the app obviously works but…

I know, I know… There’s always a “but” but hold on this time. It’s not that bad.

… depending on your apps, it can be a bad practice to choose an app-specific keyword for your publisher name. If you don’t have a specific niche and post all kind of apps, you should go for something really generic.

For example, if your first app is about healthy recipes and your app publisher name is something like “HealthyVeganChef,” you should be just fine. But when you post a second app that has the purpose of finding the most rated butcher shops in your area, you’ll lose credibility with a name like that for sure.

The safe option…

If you’re developing a variety of app categories and still want to include a specific keyword in the app publisher field, you’ll need a separate developer account and file for an app transfer. Although I call this the safe option, I don’t recommend you do that. You can always get creative and brainstorm ideas.

I’m sure you’ll be able to think of something such as “BroadyApps”, “Apps4Less”, “The Lazy App Studios,” etc…If not, contacting a professional ASO company providing copywriting services is the safest option.

Let’s sum up


Although the app publisher name is part of the App Store ranking algorithm, you should think of a general keyword to include if possible or include no keywords at all when developing in more than one categories that are not easily related. You can never go wrong with professional ASO writing services, and it never hurts to try out contacting an experienced ASO company.

I believe it is important to consider the app publisher name to be an important ASO component, and this is what I dedicated part 7 of my “ASO components” blog sequence to. Expect the final, number 8 soon, where I’ll talk about…

Can you guess? Stay tuned to find out!