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Businesses are often looking for ways to interact with their consumers. However, with the amount of competition that there is on the market, each business has to think outside the box.

While content writing services are a big aspect of increasing leads, so is interactive content marketing these days.

If you have taken a quiz to find out which character from Friends you resemble most, what your dream house would look like, or used a financial calculator to determine your monthly payments for a loan, you are already familiar with the concept of interactive content marketing.

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What Does Being Interactive With Your Content Mean?

You are seeking engagement from your audience

The kind of engagement that you are looking for with interactive content marketing is the kind that will build relationships and in turn, increase both leads and sales. You will want participation from your audience as well as your brand.

While some may consider blogs or e-mail marketing to be a one-way street, these forms of content marketing can be incorporated into your interactive content marketing strategy.

E-mail marketing is used a lot by brands and businesses in order to communicate with clients. However, we all know that the email should have something special to grab the readers’ attention and get them to open it. Interactive content is a way to do that.

Take the example below from the brand Care/of, which provides people with personalized vitamins, protein, and collagen. They sent me an e-mail recently, asking me to take part in a quiz to find out which supplements would be best for me to take.

Part 1 of a quiz about vitamins intake

Part 2 of a quiz about vitamins intake

Using content writing services for e-mails can help engage the reader from the beginning. Incorporating interactive content marketing within those e-mails can help get them to stay longer and take an interest in what you are offering.

The Advantages of Interactive Content

A way to further engage your audience

Interactive content provides brands and businesses with ways to engage with their customers, it helps provide data metrics, along with a personalized experience for the customer.

The goal with interactive content is not only to engage customers but to also start a conversation. This kind of marketing helps to figure out the customer’s challenges, along with their objectives. In turn, it can present the products or solutions that the customer needs.

It also helps to quickly and effectively identify the leads that are ready to convert and which potential customers need more nurturing by using data metrics.

Customers are often looking for a personalized experience and with interactive content, you are providing them with that immediate value.

Effective Types of Interactive Content

Brands typically stick to these because they show the greatest promise

We all know that many brands have made it big using content marketing and content writing services. Those that incorporate interactive content into their strategies typically focus on these types:

People often turn to quizzes to help them pass the time. Buzzfeed is a place for pointless yet really intriguing quizzes that I love. I mean, who doesn’t want to find out their soulmate’s name based on their donut selections?

Brands often use quizzes in their interactive marketing techniques to collect a lot of information and potentially convert prospects into leads. They are entertaining, personalized, and then help build strong relationships.

Everyone is interested in money, and online calculators are super popular. They help calculate loan payments, mortgages, insurance payments, taxes, and more. These are ways to show your potential clients exactly what they will gain from using your services or the products you are offering.

People are often intrigued when there is an incentive, which is what makes contests a type of interactive content strategy so effective. It can increase brand awareness, social engagement, and even grow your e-mail list.

These aren’t the only types of interactive content that are effective. It’s important to play around with a few and see what works for your target customer. Take a look at these brands and how they incorporated interactive content marketing.

Grow Leads With Your Landing Pages

Create an experience for your potential customers

Content writing services can help get your landing pages up to par. While potential customers are on your landing page, you want to give them an opportunity to interact with your brand and your website content.

Adding live chat options or even incorporating one of the above types of interactive marketing can help that potential lead finally convert.

Keep in mind that just because a tactic may have worked for one brand, it doesn’t mean it will work for you in the same way. Further developing your interactive marketing technique and strategy can help in the long run.

Keeping your website’s landing pages up-to-date with content writing services can also show your potential leads that you are different from the competition.