If you’ve been keeping track with the digital space nowadays, you’ve probably stumbled oftentimes upon the term “UX”. The abbreviation stands for User Experience and it’s usually paired with the word “design.” You got it, designing the journey of the user. But lately, the UX-oriented approach has defined a new breed of website content writers. What exactly do both SEO & UX have in common and how are they different? This is what we’ll be talking about today.

What is UX Writing About?

Let’s start with some basic principles

When you hire a writer who specializes in UX, they will create your website or app content that guides the user through the platform. And this will be the main goal of the text. Namely, pave a clear and easy-to-follow road for your audience. UX writing is, basically put, the words you see that help you interact with a product, app, or website.

Here is an example:

One of my favorite examples of UX writing and interactivity is www.answerthepublic.com


A Bit About SEO Content Writing

And it’s ever-changing nature

In his article on what writing for SEO means, Rand Fishkin followed the many shifts that have been happening to content creation since 2001 to present days. While Google, as the main search engine used, kept changing the rules of the game, so did SEO content writing. Keywords are still a central point in the ranking strategy, but it’s now more important than ever that what gets to the reader is a clear, well-structured piece of information that solves a particular query.

Why it’s always good to have UX in mind

In a previous article, we’ve covered the overall importance of good user experience. As you can see, UX is not about telling a story and evoking any type of emotional response (other than a positive feeling of the successful interaction). It’s there to inform and to direct the consumer to where they need to be headed next. It often uses imagery to guide the person in a seamless, intuitive way. So you can see now why it’s crucial to be taken into consideration.

Is It Important to Know the Difference?

In short, yes. But here’s why…

UX writing, SEO copywriting, potayto, potahto, it’s all the same thing in the end, right? Words on a website. Text on an app. Whatever the differences, they ought to be small and insignificant to the overall content strategy. Well, not exactly.

The main distinction lies in the purpose of each.

UX focuses on the need to manage all micro and macro elements of the path of the customer. SEO content writing, on the other hand, is about combining both high-usability and search engine-friendly behavior. SEO relies on connecting the user to the right product or service as fast as possible. Once the person lands there, the UX factors step in.

Bottom Line Is, You Need Both

For the optimization of your website or app

For many UX specialists, SEO is either a concept that they don’t look too deep into or one that often obstructs the full potential of their ideas.

But does it have to be this way?

As in SEO, in UX, the written content is just one of the ingredients of the overall success recipe. Nowadays, it’s not enough for website content writers to know how to make friends solely with the search engine. They need to keep the end user on the same level of priority.

Because after all, that’s what Google is trying to do too.

Carefully crafted directions and CTAs won’t be a factor until the person lands on your page. Your SEO is what plays a major role in making that happen. But once there, the selection of words, imagery, and flow (all part of the user experience design) will get them to stay. Will they leave your platform frustrated and confused or will they find what they are looking for within seconds?

So, it’s safe to say that whatever type of content you need, you should be looking for well-rounded writers who are good at both. Ultimately, both SEO and UX work toward the same goal, which means you need them both to succeed.