They say ghosts can go through closed doors, make lights go off, move objects, and make you mess up your pants. Turns out, ghosts can also write. It’s a thing called ghostwriting, and no matter if you are a blogger, author, or in any way related to content creation, you can benefit from it, too.

Ghostwriting Explained

Ghostwriting, not to be mistaken with “ghost wrighting” (know your spelling!), happens when writers lend their content writing services but don’t sign off their copy with their names. In other words, ghostwriters take the money, but not the credit. They transfer the authorship to whoever has hired them and cannot claim copyright for what they have written afterward.

Ghostwriting benefits:

  • Films
  • Books/Authors
  • Celebrities
  • Political figures (think Trump)
  • Attorneys
  • Even college students and Drake

It’s scripts, speeches, books, papers, song lyrics, everything.

Many will also hire a ghostwriter for their blogs, which is what I will be focusing on below.

Why Ghostwriting Works for Blogs

Why use a ghostwriter for your blog, you might ask. If you are a writer yourself, that would seem redundant. Only at first.

Some of the greatest blogs that continue to rank high up in search engines, and the hearts of their many avid readers, all share something in common. They produce relevant, original, and well-targeted content, and they do it consistently. There is no “writer’s block,” no “dog ate my homework,” or “I don’t feel like writing today” for them. They have a blog posting schedule, and they stick to it. That’s how they stay at the top.

How do they do it? They’re not superhuman. Well, some of them are. But the rest use a cheat code called ghostwriting.

Before you say, or think anything, let me clarify — using ghostwriters doesn’t mean your blog isn’t doing well or your writing sucks. Running a blog can be extremely tough and time-consuming, and finding the right ghostwriter can save you time, energy, and a couple of writer’s blocks.

The Benefits of Hiring a Ghostwriter for Your Blog

Ghostwriters Bring in New Ideas

Sometimes you may be stuck with a topic, unsure of how to develop it. Or, you might be out of exact topic ideas. Your writer will come in with a fresh mind and, given they know the industry, they will be able to brainstorm ideas and offer creative solutions.

They Are Unbiased

As a blogger or a blog owner, you can easily become attached to your work and get especially protective of your content. It is a common disease many struggle with. Your ghostwriter will be able to look at your planned posts with a sober eye. They can voice their concerns (and support them with arguments) if a future blog seems redundant or uninspired or lacking context. You’re not paying people to disagree with you, you’re right. You’re hiring people to write. But, getting another professional’s perspective can only help.

They Are Chameleons

A good ghostwriter can get into anyone’s shoes and write from that perspective. As a blogger, that is exactly what you need — someone who can blend in with your point of view and make it their own. They are professional enough to be convincing in their writing even when the article is against their personal beliefs.

They Are Professional and Ethical

When you hire a ghostwriter, you sign a contract. It is a mutually beneficial agreement. Otherwise, both sides wouldn’t have signed it. As such, ghostwriters are very respectful of the clauses and understand they get paid for content they don’t own and can’t get the credit for.

Bloggers are afraid ghostwriters will break confidentiality and people will label them as imposters.
Ghostwriters are afraid bloggers won’t be happy with their work, which will make them unhireable in the future.

Both sides have their concerns, and both stand to lose if the other doesn’t uphold their end of the bargain. It’s a circle of dependency that keeps things professional and ethical.

Ghostwriters Know SEO

SEO is one of the primary reasons why publishing fresh content takes time and effort. Turning to a ghostwriter for your blog means they already have experience with SEO content writing services and producing optimization-friendly articles. You won’t have to train someone to use keywords, write meta descriptions, do proper link building, the lot. You get a skilled SEO copywriter with the added bonus of anonymity.

They Add More Hours to the Day

Growing your audience and satiating their hunger for fresh topics and articles requires you to pull all-nighters. While those may sound like the fun part in most cheesy comedies, you can’t support that lifestyle for long. A good ghostwriter is the ace up your sleeve. The secret to you getting both sleep and more content published.

They Can Complete Your Talents

Who said bloggers need to be good writers? There are genuine experts who know the A to Z of many specific, often complex industries. They have a lot of useful and meaningful content to share. Those same experts sometimes lack writing skills, and that is perfectly fine. That doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have blogs. It means they should get a ghostwriter to put their vision into words.

Ghostwriters Won’t Marry You

No one said you need to have a ghostwriter doing articles for your blog at all times. Your agreement can be flexible, like an open marriage. You can have an on-demand deal or around specific holidays or for certain topics, that is entirely up to you two to decide. What matters is, you don’t stay away from ghostwriters because you fear they will seek long-term commitment. Heck, if they’re good ones, they’re probably already swamped with work anyway.

Need I Say More?

At 411Writers, we do ghostwriting for a living. Most of our services, from content writing to app descriptions, are all on the principle of anonymous writing unless the client wishes otherwise. I’d love to share some of the bloggers we work with, but that would be a breach of contract, and I’m kinda strict with those.

The point is ghostwriters are all around you, and finding one for your own blog is not shameful or difficult. I mean, you have us right here, just sayin’.

Till next time,