Just like there is local and organic SEO, there is some sort of local and global ASO. Right now, the Google Play Store and iOS App Store are available in more than 130 countries, so it kind of makes sense to assume you can optimize for only local searches or you can go global.
The first question that might pop into your head is

“Is there a difference?”

Well, right now, the top three app markets in the world are the US, China, and South Korea. 3 out of 3 speak different languages. This doesn’t mean Americans are not using Chinese apps or that the South Koreans don’t speak English. It only means that

You should start thinking globally and not limit yourself to one language!

I keep noticing entertainers who are doing well in the app business in just one market and have no intention to expand. Why limit yourself, when you can win more than just one market? When it comes to technology, it has always been about global domination.

Reasons to go for a global ASO


#1. Localization allows you to have more keywords

Many countries’ App Store index both in their local language and English (US). In some countries, the App Store can index search queries in more than 2 languages even. This means you have 100 characters for the keyword field for each language. If you use 2 languages, you end up with 200 total characters for keywords.

#2. Localization gives you more discoverability

Besides that, there are 155 app stores between iOS and Google Play in the world right now. Each of the local store’s teams is looking for apps in their own language to rank higher so the local users are more likely to find an app in their mother tongue.

#3. Enchanted branding

Have you ever been to a concert in Europe where American bands are playing? I have. I’ve just seen Pearl Jam in Prague, Czech Republic. Their lead vocalist (Eddie Vedder), greeted them in their own language, and the crowd went wild.

I love traveling, and I’ve seen this more than once. The point is that regardless of the fact English is considered and it actually is a global language understood by millions, taking the effort to impress local users the way Mr. Vedder did is highly appreciated.

This means localization is not just about measurable metrics, it’s more about building your brand.

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