In a visual world where every ad or piece of promotional material is targeting our attention, only the most pleasing and functional products and services make it to the surface. ‘Design’ could mean many things and encompass hundreds of different aspects. In a nutshell, a designer’s job is to spark your interest often using the power of engaging imagery. Its purpose is to sell something to you, inform you, or urge you to take an action. Does that sound familiar? Well, that’s right, website content writers do the exact same thing but with words. Let’s take a stroll around the block. Where shall we meet? At the intersection between good content and design. See you there!

Does a Designer Need to Be Good at Writing Copy?

I like using analogies. So in order to illustrate how inseparable content and design are, I will jump back to the popular “music and lyrics” parallel. You need both to be serving their purpose right in order to have a compelling and well put together piece. Not that a song wouldn’t work without one of them but it just sounds a bit off. It would lack proper rhythm, flow, and consistency. It’s like a car missing a wheel or like peanut butter without the jelly.

You are just taking away from the experience.

In the past, we’ve looked at other creative industries that need the help of website content writers, such as the photography business. If you are hiring a designer to create the visual side of an app, product or your website, you shouldn’t be expecting them to handle the content creation on the same level a pro writer would.

One of the best examples of companies in the advertising field that take into consideration the inseparability of design and content is Saatchi & Saatchi. They work with some of the biggest names across a multitude of industries, like Expedia, Visa, and so on. Their creative teams always consist of a content writer and a designer.

So, I think it’s safe to say that the bond between design and words is a very strong one. However, your designer doesn’t need to be good at writing too – each one of these disciplines takes a lot of hard work and dedication to master, so starting your search for a jack of all trades won’t put your project, product or service on the path of success. Thus, it’s important that those two professionals work together.

Words Give Context

Content writers set the tone and voice of your product, service, or app. It’s that simple. It might sound easy to grasp, but it actually takes a lot of time to master this. Imagine the web pages as people, each throwing mixed messages at you, in a different voice each time.

That’s inconsistent and not even a brilliant design can fix it.

Just as you wouldn’t randomly mix up the fonts on each page, you don’t want them to hold a new character every time. It will just confuse the person expressing interest in your brand and it will probably guide them away. Maybe their initial interest was caught by the appropriate choice of color scheme, the grid layout, or the high quality images.

But words are what will make one stay and not skip to the next tab.

Website Content Writers Know How to Use Language

They also know how to scrutinize every little detail and look for potential pitfalls. And those are easily and often omitted by designers. Our main job, as website content writers at 411Writers, is to make each page as easy to read, straightforward and explanatory as possible. Because that’s what this craft is all about. Content helps present complex information in the best possible way so, by the time a person is done reading it, they have no questions left unanswered.

And while we use words to create a positive customer experience, designers use the help of colors, images, composition, and flow to enhance it. When both work in synergy, you just glide through the page effortlessly. In SEO language, this is a positive user experience that quickly converts people into your clients or customers.

Content and design are the two supporting pillars of the marketing industry.

Take one without the other and something will always be missing. Without the help of website content writers, your product might become an Escape Room. Full of clues but missing the key to the mystery.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that design is much like a glossy wrapper of a candy bar. It catches your eye among the thousands of other bars, but ultimately, you want to get to that sweetness that’s inside (yes, the content). Told you I like analogies.