A: Cookies are great. What’s not to love about cookies?

B: Cookie cutters, that’s what’s not to like about them.

While it may be pleasing to the eye seeing rows and rows of perfectly shaped cookies on a baking tray, seeing the same content on the World Wide Web tray is not only far from pleasing, it is a road to nowhere. If you are a fresh out the oven startup or an aspiring individual planning to start a business on their own, this blog is for you. It is me proving to you why quality content should be at the top of your “to do” list. Or, you can save yourself the trouble and opt for professional SEO copywriting services, your call.

I don’t usually do this, but I’ll let numbers do the talking (before I do)

This infographic (it is one of the best ones I’ve seen on the topic) shows yet another proof that content is that not-so-tiny link in your marketing chain that connects you with your potential clients/readers. According to it, 80% of people appreciate learning about a company through custom content, and 60% are inspired to actively seek out a product after reading quality content about it. And if you still have doubts about making quality content the core of your online marketing strategy, think again. On average, content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing, and, at the same time, it generates about 3 times as many leads.

Enough Numbers, Let’s Recap

Aside from being super awesome, custom content has influence over other strategies.

For example:

  • Do you want people to hit that Subscribe button for your newsletter? Content can drive that.
  • Are you working on developing your SEO strategy? Relevant, unique, well-structured, and quality content is the backbone of proper SEO.
  • Running out of ideas on what to post on social media? Sharing and re-sharing your blog posts is one effective strategy.
  • Are you searching for ways to connect with other startups in your or other related industries? Perhaps, you’re on a quest to find influencers? A simple mention of them in your content can create a huge beneficial domino effect. It will also give you a good excuse to start a conversation with them on social media.

In a nutshell, content can form the sturdy basis of many other strategies, all of which will lure in more people to your website and platforms. If you invest in SEO copywriting services, you will increase your chances of running a successful content marketing strategy, just sayin’.

Think of Content as Your Own Voice

Now, when you speak to someone, do you want them to hear your own voice or one of those actors’ voices you hear on commercials all the time? I thought so.

Don’t forget that as the new kid on the block it will do you no good to try and blend in with the rest in the industry nest. Because “the rest” already have numbers to show, stories to tell, and client lists to boast — while you are just now learning how to walk.

So walk your way, make a path of your own, and pave it with unique content, so it stands the test of time and competition.

The content you put on your website and your platforms will set the tone of your entire startup, it will show what you are all about, and it will signal your readers what to expect from you. Well-crafted content, that is useful, meaningful, and written by a professional — that should be your end goal. I mean, you didn’t go through all the trouble to establish a startup just because you want to offer the same thing as the next guy, right? You went through that stressful, sleepless, nerve-wracking experience because you have a vision, something that is newer, better, more innovative, or all in one. Your content needs to be like that, too.

My Personal Advice

It has nothing to do with cookies.

In my time as a professional content writer, I’ve encountered many struggling startups, and there’s something I always say — don’t focus on content for your platforms only, branch out. Guest posting is really one of the most efficient ways to drive people toward you and your offering and to encourage them to actively seek you out, especially if you have professional SEO copywriting services at your disposal. That, however, is a story for another time.

That was it from me, do you have something to add on the topic? I’d love your feedback!