If you have already checked out our website, you might have noticed the “Order Content” button. Upon clicking it, you’ll be taken to a page that lets you indicate your preferences – the type of content, number of words, and preferred style and voice. This article is dedicated to the last two, which are more important than you may think. It might be your first time using any content writing services and thus, deciding which one will serve you best may be a bit of a blur.

Ah, decisions, decisions…

With a specific purpose and tone, each of the writing styles explored below is going to be efficient at achieving one result better than another. And since you’re going to be investing in something so important like content creation, you should make an informed decision on which one to go with. And because you don’t want a website that sounds inconsistent, of course. Let’s look at each option in more depth. Ready to dive in? Let’s go!

#1 The Informative and Educational Writing Style

…or showing the world you know what you’re talking about

This style is all about answering some basic questions regarding your product and service. Sentences are often short and descriptive. The awe-inspiring element gives way to the more technical side of things. That being said, mentioning complicated field-specific terms without properly explaining to them so the average reader wouldn’t understand is both not recommended and unnecessary. There are certain situations where this type of style works best. For example, when it comes to Service Page writing.

It’s about making a clear, engaging, and convincing presentation.

Of course, the content shouldn’t bore you to death or make you search the web for an unfamiliar word every three sentences. It could still be telling a story, too. The story of how you are going to fix someone’s car if that’s what you do, or what methods you will use in your pest control service for rodents, for example.

#2 The Light-hearted and Conversational Style

When should you try to be friends with the reader?

Think of talking to a friend. What’s that like? You use warm language, you communicate on the premise that you know each other and that establishes a certain degree of comfort and trust. Professional web content writers are savvy in using different techniques that shorten the distance.

Let’s look at an example. Check Puzl CowOrKing Space’s “Why us?” page out.

It’s witty, creative and it has just the right amount of everything. Not too long, not overly promotional, not too casual.

The conversational & light-hearted style is great but it’s important to use it in the right amount and cases.

What do I mean by that? Just that the When and Why matter a lot. If your business is about making toys, you’d be safe to use it as it could sound playful and endearing. Sometimes, though, if your industry requires very special expertise in a quite technical matter, you might want the copy to reflect that.

#3 The Promotional Writing Style

Boosting your sales without bragging

There are many, many ways to make something incredibly hard not to buy. It’s a shame that aggressive advertising techniques are still sneaking their way into some websites. Badly written copy that’s demanding you to “Buy now!” in an intrusive and not really convincing way can chase your website visitors away. So, you should be very careful how you use your words and with your choice of content writing services.

Of course, it’s about psychology.

In order to influence people’s decisions, you need to put them in the right state of mind, to build trust first. Before someone jumps to actually making a purchase or even giving you a thumbs-up, they like to be informed about the benefits it would bring them. That being said, truly skilled content creators, like the ones we have here at 411Writers, would be able to do more than just compile a bullet-point list of benefits. They’ll make your copy sound irresistible.


One example of an effective persuasion technique is to make the person on the other side of the screen imagine this and that. Just like John Lennon made us with his beautiful & emblematic song. This is a great way to list the advantages your product or service has, sparking the interest of your potential customers.

But let’s look at the no-no’s for a sec

Think about those family gatherings that nobody really wants to be at, because there is always that one aunt that goes on and on about how great her precious son or daughter is, where in reality, they are the exact opposite. Something like Dudley Dursley from Harry Potter. Exactly – unnecessary bragging that is just completely off-putting and doesn’t work for businesses, nor for people, for that matter.

What About Preferred Voice?

Should it be “I” or a “We”

Are you the only one in your company? If you are a photographer or a software engineer, chances are you will be the sole person representing your business. Generally speaking, by choosing content writing services to create your copy in singular, you will get a more personal-sounding copy.

The I in Team

Many large corporations can use the benefits of an “I” copy by issuing a statement from the CEO for creating a down-to-earth and authentic impression.

There is strength in numbers

Going plural for your website content has its benefits too. Especially, when the company offers services that require a lot of hard manual labor or in cases, the demand might exceed the ability of just one person. If you run your business on your own but you do have a team to lend you a helping hand for large projects or orders, you can mix and match those.

For example, have your website in plural but order an About page written in first-person to make your business sound more approachable.

In the end, though, it’s all about You

Turning directly to your audience is something you should do more than anything else. Why is that? Because people are a bit cautious when it comes to buying. Think about it, as a customer, you want the “What I get out of this?” question answered more than “What can this business/team do for me”.

There are no rights or wrongs here. Professional content writing services give you the chance to mix and match styles and customize them so you get the unique formula that works for you. And that’s the beauty of it.