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We all know YouTube, right? Of course. Chances are that we know a few YouTube stars, too. They can be influencers, music artists, actors, even business owners. While many of them are focused on making videos for their YouTube platforms, not all of them are focused on making content that will rank high on Google SERPs.

Wondering what content writing services and YouTube have in common? Keep reading and you will even find out how you can create YouTube videos to make you rank higher on Google SERPs.

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The Evolution of YouTube

You won’t believe the change it’s gone through in 15 years.

The original idea for YouTube was for it to be an online video dating app, which failed. Instead, this platform evolved to become a video hosting platform that was full of amusing videos.

As time progressed, it became the second-largest search platform in the world.

YouTube has videos for a wide array of information for practically any topic and interest. While there is a constant increase in video content that is posted to this platform, Google has made it possible to incorporate YouTube video results in their SERPs (search engine results pages).

Google’s main purpose is to provide the best answer or search result for any query on its platform. Sometimes, those answers are in video format.

So, how can you actually show Google that your YouTube videos are the best solution to a problem or question?

Believe it or not, content writing services are part of it.

A Search Engine and a Social Media Platform

Kind of the best of both worlds

YouTube has the best of both worlds. It’s mainly considered to be a social media platform because of how people can upload and share content.

The platform has similar features to those of other social media platforms which include video feeds, sharing features, comment sections, and more.

The ability for users on YouTube to interact with others and videos is what makes them identify as a social media platform.

However, when YouTube integrated with Google in 2006, the platform also started growing to become what is now one of the most powerful search engines worldwide.

YouTube follows Google in terms of how it builds its search engine. Videos are often ranked according to their relevance; they can appear in featured sections, and as time goes on, they can also change their rank.

The best part about YouTube is that users can create content that will perform well for both social media and the search engine aspect.

Google SEO vs. YouTube

How do they relate to one another?

YouTube has the ability to provide SEO value. Google uses information from video descriptions, titles, tags, comments, and even the spoken words from within the video to index and rank its SERP.

It’s common for Google to rank videos higher than webpages if they believe that the video provides the best solution to the problem or question. These will often be shown in the video carousel or be located in the featured videos section.

Sometimes, Google might not think a video is the best way to provide a solution to your problem or question.

Try searching “How to change a tire” on Google. The results will bring up both text and videos in the SERP.

Search results of the query 'how to change a tire' that shows video results

However, searching “How to apply for a loan” will likely only bring up text. This is likely because of the technical verbiage used in regards to the topic.

Most content writing services consider what the clients would search to find the content. This is what can help you figure out how effective YouTube can be for your brand or business.

How Google Ranks YouTube Videos

There are a few key ways.

Even though there are many things about YouTube and its connection to Google SEO that are unknown, there are some things you should consider to boost your chances of having your YouTube videos ranked higher on Google.

File Names
Something as simple as the file name of your video can help rank it on Google SERPs. It’d be ideal to include relevant keywords within the video file names since Google indexes the videos, and it can see the name.

Video Titles
The title of your video is important to both the search engine and the social media world of YouTube. The platform allows for titles to be long since they don’t shorten them in the search results. Your YouTube video title should be similar to the one for the web page that you are optimizing. It should have keywords and describe the video.

Spoken Words
Google often uses voice recognition technology to assign captions and interpret what is said in your videos. The words that are indexed are scanned for keyword relevance. These can help your overall video ranking.

The title tags to your video content tell Google in an additional manner what the video is going to be about. These tags can help your videos rank better, especially if there isn’t any spoken word for Google to index.

We’ve talked about writing YouTube video descriptions before. This is where content writing services would come in handy. This is where most of the written content in regards to your video would go. The most important messages should be within the 2nd or 3rd line in order to be above the fold.

Your YouTube description may not be a deal-breaker for ranking on Google, but it can be for YouTube’s algorithm, so it’s worth the investment.

YouTube and Written Content

And how you can take advantage.

Digital marketing has always involved writing quality blog posts to rank on Google. Since content will always be king, using content writing services will always help with your ranking on Google SERPs.

However, you can use YouTube to your advantage to get some of that carousel real estate since often, there is less competition for specific businesses and brands.

Try it out!