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3 Content Quality Plans with No Surprises

Choose a Plan That’s Right for Your Needs

We search for and recruit the best writing talent there is, and our content writers always invest 100% of their effort, no matter the type of quality plan you choose. What sets those plans apart from each other are the different features that your business may need. Have a look at the tables below, and read more about each and every plan’s specifics below on this page.

SEO-Friendly Content

Topic Research

100% Unique

Ghost-Written Content

Proofread by a Native Speaker

Keyword Research

UX Writing

Industry Specialist Writer*

Meta Description

Competitors Keyword Report**

Free stock images***

* Your order will be completed by a writer with 5+ years of writing experience in your specific industry.

** A list of all the keywords for which your competitors are currently ranking on Google.

*** Applicable to blogs only. Service pages and other web content may also benefit from free stock images, but 411Writers does not guarantee 100% relevance to your specific service/product.

Choosing the Classic Content Plan

Choosing the least expensive plan doesn’t mean the lowest quality. Each and every content writer from our team has enough experience to craft user-engaging blog posts, product descriptions, website content, and much more.

This option is perfect for bloggers and other website owners whose purpose is not necessarily business. Our writers will research the given topic and produce a 100% plagiarism-free content. We use two tools to determine that. Every single word is proofread and revised by a native English speaker and then sent to you. You now hold the copyright on this content.

Recommended for: Individuals, Bloggers, Non-Commercial Website Owners.

Choosing the Premium Content Plan

The writing process for our premium content option is almost the same. However, alongside the topic research, our senior writers will also research which keywords are be beneficial to you. They will choose up to three keywords based on two factors: the monthly search volume of the keywords and the competitors that are already ranking for these keywords.

Our senior content writers have a minimum of five years of experience in writing content about your industry or an industry similar to yours.

Now, let’s talk about UX writing or writing for design. Each and every word from our premium content plan has a purpose. Our bullet points, subtitles, and bold or italic strings are also formatted for a reason. We have studied the behavior of readers, which parts of the content they usually skip, and what it is that makes them stay on the page. Feel free to send us the layout of your page so we can structure it even better. Don’t have a ready layout? Dpon’t worry, this is the beauty of UX writing – we’ll give you a content that defines your perfect page layout.

Recommended for: SEO, Web Marketers, Online Stores, Designers.

Choosing the Guru Content Plan

What makes our Guru option really stand out is the competitor keyword report we give you. All you have to do is provide us with links to your competitors’ websites, and we’ll give you a detailed report of all the keywords for which they are currently ranking on Google. The spreadsheet will include the monthly search volume of each keyword, the exact placement on Google they rank for, and a URL to the page they rank for. Keep in mind that there might be thousands of keywords which will be sorted by their monthly search volume. This information is valuable to both you and our content writers as they will definitely consider the information in the report.

If you order blogs, we can use free stock photos and graphics in your content. Some of the images can be customized with text and extra graphics. We don’t usually include images in other types of web content as we cannot guarantee the relevance of the images to the particular services or businesses, but we can definitely use free stock photos for reference purposes only!

If you choose the Guru plan, you definitely already know what a meta description stands for, and this is something else you will get too. You can use the description for Social Media posts and promotion texts as we do our best to think of something catchy and click-worthy.

Recommended for: SEO Gurus, Corporate Businesses, and everyone trying to outrank competitors.