FAQ About Our ASO Services

While ASO stands for App Store Optimization, we, as writers, specialize in producing high-quality content suitable for every ASO project. The ASO industry is still not well developed and providing only ASO writing services might seem a bit confusing. This is why, we decided to answer some of the most frequently asked questions in one page. We hope your question will be answered but if not, you can always drop us a line via email or fill up our contact form.

Q: What Exactly Are The ASO Services You Provide?

A: There are two main ASO services we specialize in. These are:

Q: Why Do I Need a New App Description?

A: App descriptions are one of the most important ASO components that contribute to your app ranking success. When writing a description, you should have 2 things in mind – your readers (potential downloaders) and the app stores’ ranking algorithm. We have decades of content writing experience and as we specialize in ASO services, we definitely know how to create an engaging app description content that will lead to your better-ranking success.

Q: What’s Included in Your App Description Writing Service?

A: The process behind our App Description Writing is as follows:

  • App Testing
  • Keyword Research
  • Content Writing
  • Proofreading

If your app is paid, feel free to leave us a promo code. Testing the app is one of the most important parts of the app description content creation process. Now that our ASO writers have a better idea of your product, a keyword strategy can be developed. Keep in mind that the Apple App Store and Google Play have different ranking factors. After the keyword research, we proceed with the actual writing process which is always followed by a detailed revision by our QA magicians.

Q: What Are The Key Differences Between Apple’s Store and Google Play in Terms of Ranking?

A: One of the most significant differences is that Apple’s App Store has a keyword field, where you can list all the keywords you are trying to rank for. Apple has announced that they don’t include the app description field as a ranking factor, which makes it useless for keyword stuffing. It seems that the App Store is trying to make developers be as descriptive as possible, without unnecessary keyword stuffing.

Google play doesn’t have a keyword field. Just like any SEO content, your app description is the place where keywords should be used naturally in the text. As we know, Google also doesn’t like keyword stuffing.

That being said, the app name (title) seems to be a key factor in both Apple’s Store and Google Play’s algorithms. The difference is that Apple reduced the title to 30 characters only. Another key difference is that in Google Play, you get an 80-character limit for a short description, where using a keyword is mandatory as well.

Q: Do You Provide Fake Review Writing Services?

A: No and for a very good reason. The app stores are getting smarter and smarter. Fake reviews are yesterday’s news, and while they may boost your analytics for a few days, once you get caught (and you will, we guarantee that) the damage will be irreversible.

Instead, we specialize in honest app reviewing and testing. If you go for our App Review Writing services, you’ll get a whole blog article uploaded in our platform that focuses on the actual user experience from using your app. The blog review will be rich in content, screenshots, and it will have a direct link to your app store listing. Getting high-quality backlinks is hard these days, and with our app review services, you are getting more than that.

Q: How Much Do You Charge?

A: Both services will cost you $30 each.

Q: I Am a Professional App Developer, Looking for a Long-Term Partnership. Do You Offer Discounts?

A: Yes, we do. We can customize each of our services to your individual needs and will offer a price that works best for both sides. Certain discounts are offered for large quantity orders as well. All of this is privately negotiated via email, so if you are interested, feel free to reach out to us.

Q: I Am Interested in Your App Review/Blog Writing Services. Can I Upload the Content In My Website?

A: Of course you can! We specialize in ghost content writing services and our clients get the full copyright of the content we produce. However, if you want to upload the content into your own platform, tell us not to upload it on ours, because the duplicated content is not well tolerated.

Q: I Have Not Chosen Keywords But The Keyword Field Is Mandatory. What Do I Do?

A: You can put “Writer’s Choice” and let our ASO writers choose the most beneficial keywords for you. The field is mandatory as we would like to see if you have something in mind. Even if you have selected your keywords and really want them to be used in the content, we’ll still do our keyword research and will get back to you if there are more beneficial keywords for your app. We want to be sure you get the highest quality content that works best for you!

We hope this ASO FAQ section made things a bit clearer to you. We believe we made our point that we specialize in highly-optimized content writing services for mobile applications. We are expanding by the day, and you can expect more ASO services and more answered questions to be added on this page. Having said that, we are encouraging you to send us more questions that need to be answered, we’ll be happy to help!