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Just like every product that needs distribution, mobile (and desktop) apps need to be described for the potential users. The difference, however, between a regular promo text for any product and an app description is huge.

App descriptions are for users and app stores!

In today’s world, having the best product with the most engaging description is not enough to get you downloads. With hundreds of apps being published on a daily basis on both Apple App Store and Google Play, it can be quite easy to get lost. You now have to win the search algorithm game, and each app store has its own specifics. Luckily for you, we specialize in ASO writing services for both Google Play and App Store. See more details below.

Apple App Store Descriptions

When it comes to keyword optimization, here are the 5 fields that impact the search algorithm of the App Store:

  • App Name
  • Subtitle
  • Keywords field
  • Developer name
  • In-App Purchases

Yes, it’s not a mistake, the actual description field is not listed. The App Store gives you a 100-character limit to list all the keywords that are relative to your app. If you want to read more about the other components of the App Store Product Page, check out Apple’s official guidelines.

What does our App Store description writing service include?

Our ASO writers have a very strict process that includes testing your app and researching the competition. Also, keyword research is a must. We’ll focus on the following components:

  • Subtitle
  • Keywords field
  • In-App Purchases
  • Description


note: For those of you that are about to launch their first app, we’ll also work on the App Name and Developer name fields!


Even though the description is not a ranking factor for the App Store, this doesn’t mean you don’t need a professionally written description. We’ll develop a keyword strategy to use in the other fields, and we’ll come up with a natural and engaging description without stuffing unnecessary keywords there.

Google Play Description Writing

Unlike the App Store, Google Play doesn’t provide the developers with a Keyword Field. This means that every field matters and impacts the search more or less.

What does our Google Play Store description writing service include?

Once again, before anything else, we’ll test your app and research the competition. After looking through your keyword suggestions/ideas, we’ll do more detailed keyword research, and we’ll get to the writing of descriptions. We’ll provide you with:

  • 2 short descriptions
  • 1 long description (2000-characters minimum)
  • Title suggestion (if needed)

The short description plays a crucial role in the ranking algorithm. Due to its 80-character limitation, we have decided to provide you with 2 short descriptions. You can pick the one you like better, or you can run A/B tests with both of them. The choice is yours. The long description is the place where secondary keywords should be included, and this is why we aim at the minimum of 2000-characters (around 350 words) so that we have enough content to play around with.

The title of the app is also an important ranking factor, and if our writers see the possibility to include a beneficial keyword there, we’ll always let you know!