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Do you know how language evolved? Why we have different alphabets from every corner of the world? It wasn’t so we could ponder the creative hieroglyphs that ancient people came up with. It was so people could tell each other stories. How stars fell from the sky, how Rome wasn’t built in a day, how dad met mom.

If there is one thing that’s deeply ingrained in all of us, it’s stories. It’s how we get close to people, to cultures, and our roots. In an overly cluttered marketplace, every chance to communicate your company journey and character (or brand, if you will) is a step toward getting a bigger piece of the pie. So, if you’re still not convinced your company story and About Us page aren’t important, I’ll try to convince you otherwise.

“People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.” — Simon Sinek

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It’s Not Just About the ‘About Us’ Page

Company stories and branding go hand in hand

Of course, you need to share your company story on your About Us page, but it shouldn’t end there. It’s naive to think that people will proactively look for that page when they land on your website just so they get to know you better. It’s you who should communicate that story, and history, and spirit through every channel you’re using.

This includes your Twitter, Instagram, marketing collateral, ads, and all that jazz. Full disclosure, I got the idea about this blog from the prominent Swiss Watchmaker Rolex. I believe their company story policy is pure textbook material of how things should be done. Storytelling is a huge part of their brand, and one of the reasons they have expanded their otherwise pretty niche market.

Rolex — The Masterclass on Storytelling

“This watch doesn’t just tell time, it tells history”

I’m a huge tennis fan, and Rolex is the official timekeeper of most major tournaments. As such, their ads get huge exposure. And what do they do with it? Instead of using that prime time (pun intended) to promote their newest line of wristwatches, they use it to remind people of their rich company story. Their goal isn’t to sell their products, but to sell the idea of who they are and why they do what they do.

It’s a brilliant move. Here’s one of my fav ads of all time:


Even their Twitter posts are often about telling parts of their story. Their whole design and production process is expressed in the form of stories. As humans, we need to actively engage in promotional content to understand what it is about, and stories are a much more natural fit to our cognitive process, which makes them that much more effective in relaying a message or prompting an action.

So many companies are blind to this simple yet universal wisdom. Still, storytelling doesn’t come easy to everyone, storytelling is a skill that must be honed.

There’s Room for Exaggeration

No one said you should have a 100-year-old company story

Some of our clients at 411Writers have often asked us, “What are we going to put on the About Us, we’ve just started the business?” And I absolutely love writing for startups and young companies.

Having no history doesn’t mean you don’t have a story!

On the contrary, you have all the more chances to create your own story. What are your passions, why did you start the business, who inspired you, these are all questions that need answers. Sometimes, all it takes is a little help from a creative team and their content writing services to string these bits together into a compelling story.

Of course you can enhance things, of course you can embellish the way you portray your company journey. Storytelling isn’t always about telling it as it is, it’s sometimes about telling it as you want it to be (granted, you work toward making it happen).

Because It’s August 7th

It’s International Beer Day

A look inside a brewery, cartoon style

One of the first stories I ever wrote was about this very date and about me. I don’t have a company, but I have a story. You probably have a company but aren’t clear on your story. Sometimes, one comes before the other, and you can exist without having both. But, imagine the perks of running a business that generates clients not only because of its product but its story, too.

Since we celebrate beer today and it happens to be an awesome Friday, I say, why not reach out and see how our storytellers can help your brand?

In the meantime, cheers!
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