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Engaging your target audience with brilliantly written web content is a widely known practice for improving your website’s ranking. If you are asking yourself why you should invest in our SEO writing services and what the importance of writing in general is, you are more than welcome to stay with us on this page.

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So, What Is SEO Writing?

And Is It Any Different Than Regular Writing?


There used to be a huge difference between regular and SEO writing. Back in the day, people used to stuff keywords in meta descriptions, titles, and huge pieces of content. However, over the last few years, Google and the other search engines have been tolerating the more natural content and penalizing websites for keyword stuffing.

The real question in 2020 is: when is this too much?

The more natural-sounding and quality website content is, the better it will perform in SERPs. But when there are two websites with great content (let’s say they are equally good), which one should be ranked on top? Probably the one with the better keyword strategy.

And that’s the beauty of our SEO writing services. We do detailed research, keep things natural, and do our best to deliver excellent quality content that is not just pleasing the search engines but also humans. 

SEO Content Writing Matters Everywhere

Spoiler alert: it’s not just about websites

It should be clear that SEO content writing could be implemented in any website content. That includes landing and home pages, about sections, FAQs, services pages, blogs, etc.

However, SEO-friendly content is also useful for product descriptions on third-party websites, social media posts, and even online documents (yes, Google Drive documents can also make it in SERPs).

In other words, every piece of content about you or your business that has a place on the Internet should be strategically written.

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Product Descriptions

Looking for an Experienced SEO Writing Agency?

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With over 50 in-house writers, chances are we have the industry specialist that will best represent you and your business. Combine this with ongoing training (both tech and writing-oriented), friendly customer service, fast delivery options, and you’ll get the personalized website content that will boost your traffic and sales.

Choose our SEO writing services when you need any web content. Our Guru plan even includes custom graphics and pictures (visual content helps with the ranking and also makes for a great user experience). If you’ve found us online, this is just proof of what good content does for your website. However, feel free to browse the rest of our website for even more quality content examples.

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