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Everyone wants to know what they are paying for, and if you are still having doubts about contacting the 411Writers’ team, this page is what you are looking for. Here, you can see what our website content writers are capable of. You can also use this page to get a better idea of what a certain service is all about and see if you can implement any of our services to your business strategy.

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Keywords used: Charity Work, Tax deduction and Charity

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Note: The purpose of the blog is not to promote your services but to give information about a certain topic. From the SEO perspective, it’s extra quality content on your website that helps rank additional keyword/keywords.

3 Positive Effects of Donating Money to Charity

Charities rely on the generosity of people like you. [cn] is no exception to this rule. I hope this blog helps bring awareness and reaches more people with good intentions. Here are three positive effects of donating money to charity:

  • 1. Helping Others in Need

The world is not perfect, and this is not a secret. There will always be people in need of help, and whether they are strangers or not, even the smallest donation can change their lives. Whether the economy is in the doldrums or the interest rates are rising, when you are donating money, you help the others who need it. Knowing that you are helping somebody is a unique feeling, and this is why I do what I do.

  • 2. Get a Tax Deduction

Believe it or not, tax deduction and charity have so much in common. For instance, if you give to an IRS-approved charity, you can write donations on your tax return. While there are certain restrictions, donating cash is one of the greatest ways to reduce your taxes, completely legally and for a good cause!

  • 3. Improve Personal Money Management

Have you tried allocating a certain amount of money to charity every month or year? This will definitely motivate you to be more prudent with your own finances. Anything that gets you to pay closer attention to your bank account will help you manage your finances better, at least this is what my experience shows.

As you see, donating to a public charity can actually improve your lifestyle. Not to mention the simple joy of helping others. If you are looking for a charity organization to participate in or donate to, in or around the [ln] area, you can give me a call at [phone]!

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Product Description

Seductive Product Description Writing

Legend - [pn] - Your Product Name, [cn] - Your Company Name

Awake & Exfoliate With [pn]

Description: If you exfoliate your face too much, your skin can become too sensitive. Now that [cn]’s [pn] says “meh” to all the bad responses to soap bars, we can admit that all beauty junkies are swapping and they really feel good. This pyramid-shaped soap will never slip in the shower! The [pn] combines a mild mixture of rich mineral and you will be thrilled when you receive this basket chock-full of all the good things the holidays have to offer.

Why we love it: Well, the first thing that came to our minds when we tested this product was that it was… Unexpected. We believe that [pn] offers what a customer wants to receive when looking for an upgrade, providing the perfect opportunity for an upsell. We believe that it is definitely the right choice!

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App Description (iOS)
Proofreading Sample
Landing Page Sample

Keywords used: Real Estate Agency, Real Estate Agent, Real Estate Brokers

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The Real Estate Agency That Knows What You Need

Finding a home that inspires you

Purchasing a home could be the greatest investment you’ll ever make. This is why the experienced real estate brokers of [cn] will help you find your dream home. Thanks to our advice, property management, and sales, you will get the very best of what the [ln] area has to offer when it comes to properties. We can also help you sell a property.

Extended? Renovated? Remortgaging? Considering selling/buying later? Just curious?

Call us now at [phone]!

Our real estate agency is widely known for providing services delivered by experts who combine a deep understanding of the real estate sector and entrepreneurial spirit with the highest standards of client care. We know the area, follow the market trends, and we are the first to know about new offers. Whether you are looking to rent or buy, our team can help you find properties answering the following descriptions:

  • Luxury properties
  • Wine estates
  • Rooms with a view
  • Tiny houses
  • Equestrian homes
  • Cabins
  • And more…

Whether buying or selling, clients need advice from a real estate agent they can trust completely. This is as true for the owner of a country house as it is for the tenant of a downtown penthouse or an investor looking for a place for his future wine distillery. Get in touch with us for more details now!

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Email Copywriting
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Service Page Sample
Keywords used: Personal Injury, Law Agency, Personal Injury Attorney Legend: [cn] - Company Name, [ln] - Location, [phone] - Phone Number

Stages of a Personal Injury Case

Accident and personal injury lawsuits can take many forms, but usually the basic stages remain consistent. [cn] is an experienced law firm based in [ln] and specializing in injury and accident cases. Below, you can see the basic overview of the different stages of a typical case. In this section, you will also find the most common cases we work on.

Basic stages of a personal injury case

  • Meeting us: Schedule an appointment for a meeting so we can discuss your case in person. We will give you more information about all the details on procedures and about the next steps.
  • Initial court papers: Filing a case with your personal injury attorney is recommended. We will go through all the basics of complaints, answers, and other motions involved in the initial stage of a lawsuit.
  • Research and fact-finding: This is where the opponents in a lawsuit exchange information to establish facts.
  • Resolution before trial: There is a chance the case will be cut off before the trial. The truth is that many cases get resolved by filing a motion to dismiss.
  • Settlement: Usually, settlements are reached when they are beneficial to both sides. Far more injury lawsuits are settled than the ones that go to trial. We will go into more detail when we meet to discuss your particular case.
  • Money collection: Collecting on a judgment requires work, and this is the next step after winning the trial. Just be patient, we’ll do that for you.

Common personal injury cases

  • Auto Accidents
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Slip and Fall
  • Defamation: Libel and Slander
  • Animal Bites
  • Assault and Battery

Before you get in touch with us, we recommend that you receive medical care right away. Get treatment as soon as the accident occurs, and just make sure you document all parts of the medical care, including diagnoses, treatment, and prescriptions. Record the expenses, and keep copies of all bills and payments. We will handle everything, and your expenses will be recovered in the end.

[cn] is the professional law firm to handle all your personal injury cases. When you intend to break the bank to pay your medical bills, have broken one or several bones, or have missed a significant amount of work due to injuries, get in touch with us at [phone] to book an appointment!

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Product Review

Legend - [pn] - Product Name, [cn] - Company Name


The Lipstick That Lasts

And Doesn’t Dry Out Your Lips

Thank you, [cn], for giving me the opportunity to test this amazing lipstick!  

[pn] creates a velvety matte finish on the lips with its long-wearing and high pigmented formula. Applying it feels so smooth due to its moisturizing agent and Vitamin E. It’s available in 38 shades, and it’s paraben free and dermatologically tested.


My personal experience:

I had never worn a lipstick that lasted on my lips all night before I tested this one! I was going to a costume party and applied it just before I left the house. I was checking the color all the time, and it didn’t fade at all. I didn’t drink a lot of water or anything that night, though, but I definitely didn’t need to reapply it frequently, either. And even though it lasted, it didn’t give me dry and chapped lips like the other lasting lipsticks I’ve tried. However, I must say that I expected a slightly darker color, so if you like a color from the website - get the darker shade! This being said, I love the product and highly recommend everything from this line!

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App Description (Android)

Checking Samples is Essential

The content creation process for any webpage is extremely important when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and getting a good ranking. Yet, the main purpose of your webpage is to reach your target audience. This is why it’s extremely important to be extra careful when choosing your web content writers. How do you know whether you have made the right choice? By checking some samples…

We hope you liked our work. The idea behind this Samples Page is to prove to our customers that our content writing services are worth it. This is why we used a diversity of industries, from real estate agencies and law firms to beauty product suppliers and charity organizations.

Our website content writers specialize in different industries, and no matter how “odd” an industry is considered, we have a knowledgeable writer that will produce quality content to properly represent your business. Also, no matter how “knowledgeable” we say we are, we always start with detailed research. This is an essential part of the SEO copywriting services we offer.

So, if you don’t see exactly what you are looking for, know that this is just a tiny little piece of what we can do. Our website content writers produce over 2.5 million words on a monthly basis for numerous industries. Feel free to request a specific sample if you are looking for anything in particular that you don’t see on this page.