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The Lipstick That Lasts

And Doesn’t Dry Out Your Lips

Thank you, [cn], for giving me the opportunity to test this amazing lipstick!  

[pn] creates a velvety matte finish on the lips with its long-wearing and high pigmented formula. Applying it feels so smooth due to its moisturizing agent and Vitamin E. It’s available in 38 shades, and it’s paraben free and dermatologically tested.


My personal experience:

I had never worn a lipstick that lasted on my lips all night before I tested this one! I was going to a costume party and applied it just before I left the house. I was checking the color all the time, and it didn’t fade at all. I didn’t drink a lot of water or anything that night, though, but I definitely didn’t need to reapply it frequently, either. And even though it lasted, it didn’t give me dry and chapped lips like the other lasting lipsticks I’ve tried. However, I must say that I expected a slightly darker color, so if you like a color from the website - get the darker shade! This being said, I love the product and highly recommend everything from this line!

Candid, yet promotional, writing

Having a third party write a product review on a product is a great way to earn your clients’ trust. Of course, the concept behind this is increasing sales, but the strategy to achieve this is different from the aggressive promotional method that usually works. А product review should be written in a scientific way, honestly describing the featured item, and not just advertising.
Below on this page, you can see the steps our professional website content writers follow to creating a legitimate third party product review.


Researching your brand and specific product


Researching potential buyers


Researching similar products


Narrowing down pros and cons


Emphasizing the benefits


Giving personal opinion and conclusion

As you can see, researching plays a huge role in the process. Depending on your product type, the writing might require technical writing skills. Although our team is well prepared, we would never skip the thorough research step. Giving cons as well as benefits makes the review believable and honest. It is a standard procedure, and there’s nothing to worry about – we’ll make sure your product stands out when compared to the competitors’ products. And finally, to accomplish that “third party recommendation effect,” we’ll conclude by giving our “honest personal opinion.”

Whether your product requires technical writing skills to be accurately presented or you just seek a simplified user-to-user recommendation review, our team of website content writers will make sure to boost your trustworthiness with our product reviews!