Scalable Product Descriptions

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Seductive Product Description Writing

Legend - [pn] - Your Product Name, [cn] - Your Company Name

Awake & Exfoliate With [pn]

Description: If you exfoliate your face too much, your skin can become too sensitive. Now that [cn]’s [pn] says “meh” to all the bad responses to soap bars, we can admit that all beauty junkies are swapping and they really feel good. This pyramid-shaped soap will never slip in the shower! The [pn] combines a mild mixture of rich mineral and you will be thrilled when you receive this basket chock-full of all the good things the holidays have to offer.

Why we love it: Well, the first thing that came to our minds when we tested this product was that it was… Unexpected. We believe that [pn] offers what a customer wants to receive when looking for an upgrade, providing the perfect opportunity for an upsell. We believe that it is definitely the right choice!

Educating your customers on your offers

Whether you have an actual physical store or not, visiting your website should leave a potential customer with the same sense of familiarity with your business as the one they would have after an actual visit to a store. However, this is not enough to sell your products but a properly written business description is. Take advantage of our SEO copywriting services if you need such descriptions.

A product description page contains


General information about your business


Short description of a certain product


Benefits of purchasing this product


More detailed information

Every page of your website should have at least some information about your business. Imagine somebody who ends up reading your product description page and has no idea who you are and what else you do. In the introduction, we can briefly give some information about these. We will continue with shortly describing the specific product and will then continue with a bullet list of benefits of purchasing this product.

If you are the manufacturer of the product, you can give us more detailed information about the process. Feel free to give us any other additional information such as:

How to use
Detailed feature list
Available warranty
Expected lifespan
Year of manufacturing
And others…

Once you proceed to your order, you will see the “additional notes/instructions” field at the bottom of the webform. Benefit from our SEO copywriting services, and let us provide your customers with the same experience as visiting a physical store, which they will get just by reading a single page of your website.