How to Launch Your App into the Stratosphere

A Well-Written Press Release Is Essential for Your App’s Early Success

An important part of properly managing your app is making sure it reaches the right people. One way of spreading the word is presenting a Press Release article about your new app. Let people know what you are cooking, give them something to talk about, something worth sharing, and namely – a press release covering the uniqueness of your freshly developed app.

Why do you need a press release?

You’ve launched your app (or are planning to do so anytime soon), defined a marketing strategy, settled on the adverting channels, wrote an engaging app description, fixed your bugs… Basically, you are ready to get rolling, but there’s only 1 thing missing

Letting people know that your app has officially launched.

But how are you going to let people know of your app’s existence? Surely, you can spread the word in all your Social Media channels, start an Email Marketing campaign, make an announcement on your website, and even write a blog about it. These are definitely things you should do!

But these methods are targeting your end users only. The problem is that you rely on your follower base, website traffic, and your email list. Are you sure you’ll reach a sufficient number of people that will be interested in your app?

This is where press releases come in handy.

With a press release, you are not targeting the end users. You are targeting the bloggers, journalists, and other key influencers already established in the industry. Grab their attention with a groundbreaking idea presented professionally in an official press release format. Once you do that, they will make sure your app reaches the right people. After all, this is what this kind of people do for a living, they look for fresh ideas and spread the word.

Let them do the work for you while you reap the benefits!

Do you have your app ready? We are ready to help with the press release!

Our Press Release Writing Process Explained

#1. Stating What’s Obvious

Above all, we always follow the standard rules and syntax. Also, following these rules in a way that is user-friendly is definitely a must. We, as experienced SEO content writers, always make sure our articles are easy to scan and that people can effortlessly locate the precise piece of information that they may be looking for.

#2. Staying Factual

Press releases are not blogs! Avoiding adjectives like “amazing”, “greatest”, “best’, etc. is definitely a must. Instead, we focus on facts, and facts alone. This is why our writers always look through the eyes of the target audience of the particular press release that they are creating.

#3. Keeping It Short

With a press release, we are not targeting your potential users, we are targeting those bloggers and journalists that will spread the word. These people probably read numerous press releases on a daily basis. Our most important rule? Don’t bore them, be short, and be positive they will be interested in your app.

411Writers’ Press Release Structure

#1. Logo, Name, Company

Starting the Press Release with your App Name and Logo seems obvious, and there’s not much to talk about it. However, when it comes to putting down your name as a developer, we suggest using a company name for more authority. If you, however, really want us to use your name as a developer, focusing on your app name is the smart thing to do.

#2. Subject Line

Think of the subject line as your one-sentence pitch catch phrase. But remember, staying factual is a must, so we won’t get too imaginative. Getting creative in press releases is a double-edged sword. The safe choice is to mention all the key features of your app and emphasize its uniqueness.

#3. Summary Line

Chances are great that we have already lost some bloggers and journalists. Relax though, this is normal and you cannot possibly expect everyone to be interested in everything. However, for those people who have read the title and the subject line, the summary line plays the next most important role. This is the place where we go the extra mile to convince people that your story is actually worth reading. Again, understanding that not everyone can be interested in everything is important. Our secret is being honest and absolutely clear about the basics of your app and what makes it unique.

#4. Introduction

This is nothing like a book’s introduction. In this section, we give information about your location and release date. We also add a few sentences about your app, but we don’t describe the features this time. Instead, we introduce the purpose of the app and who it is for.

#5. Description

You can think of the description as the main body of the press release article. Here’s the place where we give all the details about your app’s features, the benefits of using the app, why people should download this app, etc… Once again, this is not the place to get artistic or creative. It’s important to state the facts and avoid superlatives.

#6. Pricing & Availability

Here, we should give facts about the app’s price, OS requirements, the countries in which the app is available, etc. Also, it is a great practice to add a short preview of what’s coming up. Could be a teaser for the new app version, could be a completely new app, but this is the place where we can invite them to state tuned for what is to follow.

#7. Website URL and Info

This is where we give access to your website. Whether a company website or you have one dedicated to a particular app, we will encourage your readers to visit the given link for more information. Also, if the press release gets published or somebody wants to use parts of it, your creations are important. Having a backlink is definitely worth it, and this is another great benefit of purchasing press release articles.

#8. About your company

Throwing in a line or two about your company is a must. Also, we can mention awards (if any) or other apps you have developed, produced, etc. Feel free to give us more information so we can play with it!

9. End of The Press Release

It’s a well-known practice to end the press release content with “###”.

#10. Media Contact Information

Make sure you give us several contacts. Here’s where we leave your Social Media accounts, email, phone number, etc. The more, the better!

This is the basic structure of an app press release article, but the same format can be used for writing another press release category. We hope you’ll make good use of it!

The 411Writers team specializes in app press release writing services, and we would love to help your app get the deserved exposure to a broader audience. Benefit from our professional content writing services and get your press release article today!