Okay, it’s time to go now. Enough resting, we have a hike to complete. In Part 1, I discussed headlines, introductions, and evergreen content and how to craft them well so your content creation strategy can flourish. Here is what other insights I’d like to share with you.

Tear down Those Language Walls and Be Ruthlessly Selfless

Freshen up your formal language and get ready… to toss it out the window

Take down any and all barriers that may be standing in the way of you and your audience because they will do you no good. No one likes pretentious people, except maybe other pretentious people. And, don’t be shocked, as no one likes reading pretentious text either.

As for being selfless, try to be as impartial as possible. Sometimes that works really well, but the general rule is your readers are not always concerned about you, your business, or blog. They landed on your content because somewhere along the way you promised to give the solution to their problem or answer a question they have been asking themselves for a while.

Curiosity Killed the Cat, and so Did Speed

If you are committed to keeping your readers informed about the news in your industry, that is great. But hear me out first. Not everyone can operate like a newsroom and have people who are constantly ready to jump at the latest news and craft a killer article within the hour. It is always better to take a moment and gather all information, think about the best way to convey it, and only then turn it into an article, blog, social media post, or whatever you need it to be.

What is happening, especially nowadays, is many brands are responding too quickly, and that often backfires. Be cautious about being first through the door because it can get you on the other side of the fence. Remember horror movies? How many of those who went in first ever made it to the last scene? Exactly. I am not telling you to be timid with your content creation process and always wait for someone else to go first, I am telling you —

Don’t be first for the sake of being first only. Be first when you can really nail it.

I recently discovered a Tumblr blog that’s making fun of brand’s often desperate and not well-thought ploys. It still has me laughing when I see it.

Caring Is Sharing

I thought long and hard before including this in my blog, but it just makes sense to end it on a high note. Yes, when you pour your heart and soul into a piece, you want to spark interest in your readers, and you want them to care about your work. But before they start caring for you, you need to genuinely care about them. What I am trying to say with this is you should always do your research and only “feed” your readers what they are really hungry for. Professional bloggers are the ones that know just what and how much of it to feed readers, so think about hiring one if you are struggling in that department.

I know I promised you “a view” in the subtitle. Well, incorporate the tips and tricks I gave you into your content creation strategy, take a step back, and enjoy. You will be looking at the best view there is — the one of seeing your goals accomplished.