Happy 10th Anniversary, App Store!

Today, I decided not to focus on technical information about App Store Optimization and improving your app’s visibility. I decided to summarize most of the App Store’s milestones and pay tribute to the last decade of iOS app marketing.

Note: This blog post might just be useful if you’re interested in ASO.

It all started on July 10, 2008

On this date, iOS users were provided for the first time, the chance to easily download/purchase mobile apps from a centralized place. There were 522 apps at that time, and some of these apps still feature most of the home screens to this day.

Тhe App Store evolution over the years

Nowadays, the app store accounts for over 2 million apps and this is the second larger app distribution platform right now. Started out with just a few hundred apps, it has significantly grown as the market app did. In 2013 (5 years after it was first launched), there have already been ten times more apps available.


By 2010, the App Store was available in more than 90 countries. For only 2 years, the App Store reached over 150 countries and surpluses 25 billion downloads. 14 months after, the figure crosses 60 billion…

Approximately 800 apps are downloaded every second

Only 6 months after the launch, the App Store has reached its first 500-million downloads with over 15,000 apps available for download.

Most recent changes

#2010: The iPad is officially here

As developers saw an opportunity to design apps for larger screens, the iPad launch resulted in 1.3 million additional apps created.

#2011: IAP becomes possible

More and more apps started to allow in-app purchases, even the free ones. In 2011, IAP has evolved into supporting subscription apps.

#2016: Search Ads

Apple’s announcement of the App Store Search Ads was one of the major ASO changes. Since 2016, it is possible to pay for top search spots.

#Feb 2017: Flexible ratings and reviews

Reviews and ratings are important ASO components, and timing rating and review requests became a thing in February 2017. Owners can now push prompts to ask the user to review the app without having to leave the app.

#May 2017: App analytics

It has been possible to analyze app statistics by data sources for more than a year now. This is another major update for ASO as the differentiation of downloads by data sources shows how effective the App Store Search is for the apps.

#June 2017: Complete makeover and iOS 11

Probably the biggest topic in 2017 was the complete App Store makeover. Together with the release of iOS 11, the redesign was launched and set new standards for the App Store Marketing. Not only games and apps are now separated, but search behaves differently for both categories.

So, what’s it going to be in 2018 and the next few years? Only time will tell. If you have any predictions or feel like you need to add something, feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.