Video Content Creation

Research made in the past suggests the power of video makes it an essential converting tool, as opposed to other types of digital content. In this article, we’ll be going over some of the basics of what video marketing is and we’ll touch on why you might want to consider investing in it. Of course, we will be throwing ways in which quality content writing services can help you get those views and achieve high levels of engagement.

The Basics of Video Marketing

And why it should be done ubiquitously

Your favorite brands are using it. It’s on every platform most people regularly use, i.e. social media channels, YouTube, Vimeo, and other media outlets.

Video content is hot 🔥

and everybody is incorporating it in one way or another.

It could be made as part of a promotional campaign or its purpose might be to educate or teach your brand’s followers. Be it product videos, a day-in-the-life, a recipe brought to life, or a Q&A, the list of possible formats it comes in is long. What is certain is that it engages audiences in a unique way.

Which platform should you choose, though?

First of all, it would be a mistake to limit video optimization to YouTube only. Actually, Facebook is tapping a lot into this type of advertising and people seem to like it. Why is that happening? Yes, it’s because people don’t want to read large chunks of text. You might chalk it up to laziness, short attention span, or too many things cluttering our digital space, but one thing is clear:

Video marketing is a medium that will help you steal the spotlight.

Specifically, in the case of Facebook, publishing directly on the platform has become easier for people to engage with, compared to external video sharing. Sometimes, the videos will start playing while you are scrolling through your news feed. You can’t help to give it a glance. Instagram is another platform that’s been used for video marketing, which makes it an honorable mention.

Using Videos to Improve Your Conversion Rate

Making video content creation work for you

The vast majority of web traffic in 2019 will be video-based. What this means is, we will continue to consume video content and its integral role in marketing will keep on growing. If you haven’t gotten on the bandwagon yet, you can start today and look at ways to optimize your video content as you go.

The next level would be using SEO content writing to help you get a better reach.

Optimize your video content by creating rich snippets, as some field’s experts suggest they are one great way to optimize your videos for Google. Analyze your consumers’ behaviors and see what platform they use to engage the most.

What Type of Video Content Wins?

Hint: it’s not the shameless promotional one

As in this Miami Dolphins case, truly successful video marketing campaigns are not the ones that use the video format to tell you to buy their products. The sale will be eventually made but only after your audience has engaged on a more meaningful level with your content first. You can use the storytelling technique or create a tip-based useful content that you know your specific followers want to see.

When tailoring your content, keep in mind what’s the purpose of publishing it and who it will target.

Establishing those two is a must for any piece of web content you publish, not just when it comes to a video.

Since making a video has a technical & visual side that needs to be mastered too, don’t overlook it. Get the design right, a good choice of a thumbnail and typography, consider subtitles too. It all adds up to the bigger picture. Make use of very narrow targeting and find a way to measure the video’s success. Buffer suggest keeping track of relevancy as an ultimate way of measuring success.

App Store Videos: It’s Not All Social Media

How to promote your app using the visual language

Videos have the power to drive purchase decisions. That’s why video content is an important element of your overall App Store Optimization. You have seconds to highlight your app’s best features, its functionalities, and grab the attention of the potential user. It is just as important to be concise and clear in every written piece that you publish about your brand, as it is for app videos. If that’s not your forte, it’s okay. Getting your message across and making your app download-irresistible is what good writers do.

Can you think of a good video you saw online that turned into the reason for buying a product? Share it with me in the comments below, along with your thoughts on video marketing and your personal experience with it.

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