You do it in the toilet, you do it at your desk, you do it with someone else.

You’re listening to podcasts, duh.

To all the podcast junkies out there, we’re in this obsession together.

To all entrepreneurs wondering whether podcasting is an investment worth making, this blog is for you.

To all writers wondering what their spot in this new podcast era is, keep reading.

So, podcasts.

We listen to them at work, while waiting for that cheese-flooded pizza to arrive, when we’re doing the two.

This strange new beast that delivers on-demand, exclusive, self-curated, spoken-word content straight into our ears has become a far more intimate way of learning and interacting with media. Something that traditional TV and radio simply cannot provide.

From getting into famous criminal minds to food discoveries in odd places to motivational episodes that make us divorce the “Snooze” button once and for all, there literally is a podcast for everyone. You simply hit Play, and it’s all there. No need to read hefty blogs, no need to watch lengthy videos.

What does that mean for content writing service providers? Does it mean we are suddenly out of a job? First of all, no, there will always be content to write. Second of all —

Content is everywhere, no matter the form and shape it comes in.

Besides, Podcasters Need a Writer’s Help

I mean, who doesn’t?

Even if you are an aspiring podcast guru, you still need to have a content strategy for the type of content your episodes are going to cover; you will need a script and a whole lot of cue cards. Sure, it is not the same as SEO copywriting where you need to charm both eyeballs and bots but, in a way, it is still about optimization.

The attention span of your listeners is limited, and most of them will not tolerate spam and shameless advertising. Unless your voice is husky and seductive. Then they will.

People tune in to podcasts because they seek a genuine connection. You can easily break it by stuffing your content with every paid and non-paid idea that comes to your mind. That is incredibly off-putting and the reason I’ve dropped not one or two podcasts. Much like with blogging, you need a content strategy so it all falls into place. This is where some SEO writing companies can help if they provide content marketing as a service.

Speaking of content marketing, that podcast of yours will need promotion which means a team of writers will have to handle your:

  • Social Media Management
  • Blogs (did you really think they were going to die out?)
  • Website Copy
  • Email Marketing
  • Guest Posts
  • Ad Copy
  • Future Book (for when you make it big in the industry)

And remember,

Podcasting Is Not a Game of Keywords

It is a game of keynotes.

If you feel like your blog can be doing so much better if it were made into a podcast or vlog, you lose nothing by testing that. However, audio will forever win the battle over video in a world where we feel like we’re lagging behind unless we are constantly multitasking.

Video requires us to listen and watch at the same time. Audio, on the other hand, just wants our ears and nothing more. We can drive, cycle, exercise, do everything while (my beloved) Tim Ferris talks about the 4-hour work week or helps you explore the frontier of psychedelics (with Michael Pollan).

When was the last time you saw a video on YouTube and watched the whole thing? Weren’t you primarily listening while doing the dishes and looking for the other sock? Exactly.

Was Seth Right?

60% Yes.

Judging by the rate at which podcasts are spreading like wildfire, as well as the amount of engagement they amass, I’d say mundane blogging is probably close to its death. BUT, there will always be people who prefer reading to listening, and if your blog is a super-duper platform that creates value to its audience, you shouldn’t worry. Quality will survive, no matter the shape and format.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a hot podcast date to attend to…