There are many opinions on what the most important part of the SEO process is, but there is no doubt that backlinks are a crucial ranking factor. It’s true that I’m just a website content writer, but during the years I’ve done many solo projects, and link building is something I needed to learn. After consulting with a few specialists and considering my own experience, I’ll give you

… the ultimate guide to link building in 2018!

No matter how Google’s algorithms change, to this day, there is no better way to measure a site’s authority than evaluating the quality links that lead to it. Let’s see what is to improve and what is still relevant in today’s link building process.

Original data & research

Investing in original content data and researching relevant and trending topics is probably the most effective link building technique so far. Okay, I know this comes from a website content writer’s perspective and may not sound convincing to those of you looking for technical tips and tricks, but believe me, original content is one of the most important components of link building in 2018.

Engaging content on a trending topic means earning backlinks. Period.

Link building and content writing come in pairs. When creating your content, you should think of it as a content that makes people want to share and mention it in their social media posts or blog articles.

Now, let’s talk about research.

Think about writing in sequences. It’s like waiting for your favorite show to air every Friday. If you initially liked the show, you will most likely settle in from of the TV a few minutes before it airs. You’ll catch the commercials and all that.

What I’m saying is that if you managed to create one engaging article, you should make people expect more. You should also meet these expectations. Don’t waste that precious time invested in thoroughly researching a topic only to publish a single article.

Finding relevant niche directories

Find directories and blogs relevant to your niche. Always keep track of everything – make a list, sort it out by relevance, and submit your link where possible. Local directories can also be helpful.

Investing in legitimate links

Buying links is a black hat SEO practice. This means that your site may get a penalty for it. However, there is a legitimate way to pay for links. Official sponsorship, paid product reviews, and guest content publications are legitimate ways to earn links and have your page credited with a link.

Link Building with Images & Videos

I have never tried to self-host videos, but this is something that works. You can use YouTube analytics to see which sites have embedded your video so you can reach these sites with a request to include a link to your website.

As for the images, make sure you have original and up-to-date images, with titles uploaded on your website. Also, make sure you upload/host an original image and not link to it.

Social media

Sharing content on social media is a must. All the major platforms have tools that help you find a certain audience. Take your time, try out new things, collect information, look for patterns, see which platforms earn you more brand mentions, and focus on them.

Apparently, link building in 2018 has not changed much and is still relevant. As you can see, link building and content writing have a lot in common, and creative content creation is important if you are looking to get proper links. Feel free to share your thoughts about this in the comment section below, I’ll be glad to answer all your questions or discuss strategies with you.